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8 Week Booty Training Programme Review – Good or Not?




8 Week Booty Training Programme Review

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8 Week Booty Training Programme is reviewed in this article. Is recommended to buy and download 8 Week Booty Training Programme (pdf) workout guide, basically all system, only after you read our review.

8 Week Booty PrgrammeThis full article will look into what 8 Week Booty Training Programme system contains, will analyze who is the writer and developer of this program and will try to see the main negative and positive points of it. In the end, we will give an unbiased verdict regarding this “just 60 days needed to the look you’ve always wanted, booty workout program”.

Furthermore, we will try to see if we can find any 8 Week Booty Training Programme discount code available and we will try to respond to some questions that many people are asking about:

  • Is 8 Week Booty Training Programme working and will help me to have the butt that I wish or is just a scam?
  • What is the difference between the 8 Week Booty Training Programme System and other guides like it?
  • How can someone buy 8 Week Booty Training Programme pdf with discount online?

What is 8 Week Booty Training Programme?

The 8 Week Booty Programme is an online guide downloadable for $29.99, in which its creator claims that its goal is to present an easy to follow system that will help to grow the part of the body that many people find so hard to change, the booty!

Who Created 8 Week Booty Training Programme System?

paul burgessEight weeks booty training program was set up by a guy known as Paul Burgess. From our research, we found that he started weight training at the age of 15. He was in weight training industry until early 30’s when he began to train for MMA. He was a well-respected fighter and an excellent MMA teacher in the United Kingdom. When he was 35 years old, he turned his attention to fitness, and we all know him now as Paul Burgess SAC Dip (PFT) SAC Dip (AnAg) SAC Dip (CN). But what all that means? “CN” means certified nutritionist, “PFT” means personal fitness trainer and “AnAG” means anti-aging. All in one, Paul Burgess has diplomas in clinical nutrition, personal training, and anti-aging. From our point of view, his career is a big plus, and he owns the proper skills to develop this kind of products.

How Does The 8 Week Booty Training Programme Work?

The short answer is simple. Just follow this program’s guidelines daily and in the end, as a result of leg and but muscles workouts you will have the booty that you’ve dreamed of. Is program is similar to the 30-day butt challenge. The main difference between 8 Week Booty Training Programme and 30-day booty challenge is something that Paul Burgess calls it a system. He doubled the timeframe from 30 to 60 days to be easier and more enjoyable to be accomplished.

The main lessons that you will discover in “8-week booty training programme” are:

  • Principles of glute training:

This chapter covers useful insights like for example next one. If you must to just squat then, you would only strengthen your booty muscles in one plane of motion, but if you use a multi-directional exercise then you will get many different parts of the area working which will give you a rounder, more efficient result. When you look at the workout proposed in this eBook, you will see that there are many different angles and movements used to help get the best result in the fastest time possible.

  • How to use this workout plan

In this area, you will understand how to use 8 Week Booty Training Programme normally but also how to obtain maximized results.

  • Eight weeks Booty Training Programme

This is the main guide. Inside you will discover all that is needed to be done three days per week. This chapter includes videos and pdf descriptions, when must be done, time needed and how often must be repeated each workout. A little sneak peek of 8 Week Training Programme may be seen below.

8 week booty training programme sneek peak

  • 8-week booty nutrition plan

In this area, you will learn all that is needed to be known about nutrition during these 60 days of training. You will find what you must eat daily for breakfast, lunch, pre and post-workouts and dinner. Morning and dinner supplements are not required but are an option which you may benefit from it because you will know what vitamins and minerals you must intake daily.

After what we presented what this booty workout program contains, the next question comes from our review. Is 8 Week Booty Training Programme working or is a scam? Because is a new workout program which has been recently launched, the only evidence that we have found that this program may work are the testimonials from the official website. Some of those testimonials pictures may also be found below.

8 Week Booty Prgrame Testimonials

How to Buy 8 Week Booty Training Programme

From our research, we found that Paul Burgess owns two websites regarding this program. This means that you can buy 8 Week Booty Training Programme from or The choice is yours because both are official websites. We chose to buy it from because we didn’t have to fill out all that forms. After you press “Download Now” button, you will see an order form where you can type in all your needed details.

All 8 Booty Training Programme orders are processed by Clickbank, which is the biggest online digital goods retailer. At the time of our purchase we didn’t find any discount available online, but as soon as we see one, we will write it down here. After you fill in all order details, you must check your email to access your product. And that all, now you can download 8 Booty Training Programme following the instructions from your email.

Pros and Cons

Main pros of this 60 days booty workout program are:

  • Easy to follow
  • Is developed by a personal fitness trainer and nutritionist
  • Is easier than to 30-day booty challenge

The main con of 8 Booty Training Programme is that is available only for women. Also, if we make a comparison between Morning Fat Melter by Aline Pilani and this program, we will see that Aline’s workout program covers more in-depth nutrition areas. Anyway, Paul’s Bruges 60 day boot program is developed by a more experienced person in this area, and you may see better results. The choice is yours.

Final Thoughts: Who should use the 8 Week Booty Training Programme System?

8 Week Booty Training Programme is a booty workout guide in which even its writer claims it won’t perform miracles because you have to be 100% dedicated to it. Unlike like other booty challenges or programs this one doesn’t promise that you will eat and do some exercise and in the next morning you will achieve that always dreamed body.

Instead, 8 Week Booty Training Programme teaches you what is needed to be done daily to achieve your goals. To get your body to change and grow any muscle takes discipline and application on a regular basis. It takes hard work and dedication, your reward for all the hard work, disciplined nutrition and dedication on that plan? That’s simple; you will see the changes you want in your “new“ body.

Your Experience after you followed 8 Week Booty Training Programme is negative or positive?

Do you already bought this workout program and followed its guidelines? Did you achieve the booty of your dreams or not? In both cases, you are invited to share your experience with us and others in the comments field bellow.

Thank you for taking your time to read our 8 Week Booty Training Programme review, and we will see all of you on our next one.

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