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Salvation Diet is a controversial weight loss program sold on the internet. Buy and download The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat, all modules and pdf version only after you read our unbiased review about this “The Lord Mission” for Christian dieters.

The author claims that The Salvation Diet is a biblically-based nutrition program designed to help Christian men and women escape the curse of obesity and live longer, productive lives in the service of Christ.

This unbiased review will dig deeper into what The Salvation Diet contain, will try to provide complete information about Chris Walker (the creator) and will seek to sum up main pros and cons of this weight loss system. In the end, we will try to give a verdict regarding this “quickly shed 50 pounds method” and we will provide more information about who should use it.

Also, we will provide if there is any Salvation Diet discount code available online and we will give answers to the next questions:

  • Salvation Diet Program is a scam or work?
  • What are the differences and why is this diet so unique?
  • How can buy The Salvation Diet with a significant discount online?

What is The Salvation Diet?

The Salvation Diet is a new weight loss program sold online for $47. It promises to teach you secret ways to lose weight with biblical proof. If we quote, the presentation movie will be like this: “Hello my name is Chirs Walker. I’m going to show you the shocking real reason why so many good Christians are overweight, or even obese and heading for an early grave. And finally, I’m going to reveal with irrefutable Biblical proof, the simple path laid out by Jesus himself to easily shed 10, 20 or even 50 pounds… and finally have the body of The Lord God…”  A screenshot from the presentation movie can be found below.

The Salvation Diet Presentation Movie

The main difference between Salvation Diet and other meal plans is its target. It a known fact that Christianity is world’s largest religion with more than 2bil attendants. In his presentation video, from our point of view, the developer of this diet is just trying to be the good Christian to sell his weight loss program. From what research did he find out that only 1mil Christians in the USA are obese or are having weight problems and what scientific research is behind The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat? – We will try to find the answer to these questions on our own.

The salvation diet was created by a guy known as Chris Walker. You can download this program from “CB” for $47.

Who Created This Salvation Diet?

Chris Walker created the Salvation Diet. He has no history in nutrition or weight loss field. Even as stated by him, is just a 42-year-old Christian, who worships in a church from Florida. He also claims that in the last three years, guided by his faith in Jesus, he helped people to drop some pounds finally. From our point of view, he doesn’t own the proper skills to develop diets. Maybe the only skills he owns are talking nicely to people by teaching them how to lose weight thru faith in God.

He claims that also during high school he was three-time state weightlifting champion and the captain of the football team. He even got scholarship offers from Vanderbilt (Arizona State), but he decided to accept a scholarship from The Citadel, an elite military college from South California. –nice story we can say. Chirs Walker is invited to shoot us an email with more information about his career and life.

Let’s go further and take a look at what’s inside this eBook.

How Does The Salvation Diet Works?

The diet which author states that helped him to drop off many pounds and save his life is structured on seven modules and pdf format.

Salvation Diet

These modules are:

  1. Introduction

The most important part of the introductory module is called “I Believe in Myself Game.” This game is composed of 3 simple steps, and the main scope of this game is to improve your self-esteem.

  1. Daily Verse

Daily verse module is about developing a life of prayers and gratitude. From authors point view, you will see how our prayers are the oil for our soul. The primary purpose of this module is to wake up earlier so that you can have the daily time for your prayers and your gratitude list.

  1. Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate module contains a pdf format guide which you must download it. You must keep this guide next to your bed or nightstand because inside you will find seven ways, for each day of the week, which you can start implementing right away to sleep better and improve your overall health. These seven ways are called by Chris Walker “The Sabbath Sleep Hacks.”

  1. That’s Not Food

After making all previous small steps from the salvation diet, you will discover the weight loss module of this program. You will start this module with two main objectives:

– The first objective is to learn about 12 common food and weight loss belief that are not letting you free to lose weight.

– The second objective is about diet’s shopping guide. The author is calling it “Let Jesus Take the Grocery Cart.”

Following these two objectives, you will discover the main diet plan part. You will have all notices about what or not to eat for the next 12 weeks.

This salvation diet module also includes three more gifts:

  • “Living on Water” -you will learn why drinking only water may be the healthiest decision you ever made. Biblical facts cover all insights.
  • “7 Days of Creation Meal Plan” -basically this is a personalized meal plan for one week. You will know what to eat every day for breakfast, lunch snack and dinner.
  • “The Food Forgiveness Journal” -we will call this the tracking journal because all know what a tracking journal is.

5. Playtime

This module is about exercise during this diet and is broken down into three tiers system. From our point of view, it is a must to start the training from any diet plan, not just this one, only after you talk with your physician about all workouts described inside. After you have his or her agreement, you may start with any tier you think it is best for you.

  1. Serving Others

Is a known fact next idea. Most of us fail to notice when others are making us gifts or helping us. In this “salvation diet” module, you will learn how to give joy, happiness, and aid other people in need. The result will be that you will be a better person with a greater positive way of thinking. The author is claiming that the effect will be very positive, and all the right things that you’ve done will be turning back to you multiple times. If you don’t know how to serve other peoples, this module comes with a gift which is teaching you 101 ways to help other people.

From our point of view to serve others means next. This is an easy way to show your love and care ness. We didn’t notice any miracle after (joking). Every time we’re acting positive in relation with others, we feel better inside.

  1. Be your Best Self

In the last module, Chris Walker will teach you how to simplify your life to find what’s most important for you. At the end of The Salvation Diet, you will be the best of yourself.

This weight loss program was designed on these modules because nowadays people are bored to read a book and follow its instructions. By doing these modules step by step, your weight loss journey will be easier and more fun, and you can see your advancement slowly.

By taking a different approach in his The Salvation Diet, Walker’s modules are critical. You can’t skip to the next module until you didn’t finish the previous one. And you have to do the same module over and over again until you see your advancement. This is the greatest part of this plan; salvation diet is like a game.

The Salvation Diet Scientific, Nutritionists Research Information

It is a known fact that religion and science are two areas with contradictory points of view. Many times “It is God’s Will” was the main source of many wars or other severe events during history. But what science and nutritionists have to say about salvation diet foods?

This is not the only religious diet that you can find on the internet. According to Dr. Axe’s article from “Food is Medicine”, by following a biblical diet you may see some weight loss, a longer lifespan and improved energy and mood.

Another interesting article about Christian dietary laws comes from Wikipedia. These laws are about eating clean food and stop eating foods coming from “conventionally” slaughtered animals. These fresh foods will be grains (corn, wheat, barley), seeds (sunflower or pumpkin), legumes (peas, beans, soybeans), fruits (lemon or palm fruits), fish (salmon, trout, bass, and perch). All these foods, excepting beans or other legumes are low in carbohydrates. Also, these low carb foods are also recommended in the salvation diet meal plan.

How To Buy Salvation Diet

You can purchase Salvation Diet from developer’s website at After you press “Yes! Order Now” button you will see your ClickBank order details, The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat? In this web page, you will have all the details needed for your payment.

Pay attention when you enter your email address because you must make no mistake. In your email will be delivered all orders details and how to enter the members area. If you type by mistake your email address, you will have to go to ClickBank customer support, get in touch with an agent and resolve your issue.

Why this Salvation Diet is so unique, and other weight loss plans aren’t ? Because this program is sold thru ClickBank and because this company has high-quality standards, you will have 1-year payment refund policy as claimed by author or 60 days as we searched and found that ClickBank offers to all its products. In the worst case, you can buy this program, read and follow its guidelines. If you didn’t notice any improvement, in 60 days timeframe, you can head back to ClickBank and get a full refund no question asked.

At the time of this review we didn’t find any salvation diet discounts available, but as soon as we find one, we will let you know.


  • All program modules are well-organized, interactive, easy-to-read and simple to learn.
  • Custom weight loss plan for each seven days- 4 months.
  • May change your life in positive ways that even you didn’t know
  • It has great and helpful gifts
  • The price of $47 is very low for all what this program offers


  • Author and developer of this Ebooks have no experience in nutrition or fitness career
  • Eating habits may need a change, and this may be a big inconvenient for some people

Conclusion: Who should follow The Salvation Diet System

Salvation Diet is a weight loss program in which its creator claims that will not perform miracles because you have to progress slowly. You have to make each module step by step, and you can’t advance to the next until you didn’t finish the previous one. If you do it, you’ll ruin all your diet.

Even if the developer it is not a certified nutritionist, he teaches you lifelong diet and religious habits which you can use to be happy with yourself and your body. This is not short or a shocking diet, it is a complex system divided into seven modules, and even more bonuses and upgrades described below. We write about bonuses and upgrades below because the principal review would be too long. If you wish, take your time and read on.

Will salvation diet work for you or is a scam? To be honest, this question can be answered only by you. If you are willing to follow it correctly by not skipping that modules, interactive games and also you are ready to change eating and exercise habits this diet will work for you. If you don’t follow it correctly, then don’t expect to see positive outcomes.

Ultimately, “The Salvation Diet” weight loss program target are dieters who tried everything but didn’t succeed. If you are tired of seeing weight loss broken promises this may be a refreshing change. The salvation diet is a legitimate program created by a man who is a very religious person.

Here ends our The Salvation Diet today’s review. Do you have any questions regarding this system? If so, then leave a comment below, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible and as good as we can.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Your experience during this diet plan is positive or negative?

You already bought, read and followed The Salvation Diet modules? Share your experience with us and others in our comments field below.

We only reviewed the main salvation program until now and didn’t want to bother you with additional areas of this system. For those who are interested in these salvation diet upgrades, you can start reading more now.

The Salvation Diet Bonuses or Upgrades

The seven modules described above are just the core of this system. If you wish to follow the entire salvation diet system you can do it by upgrading it. The updates are divided into four main sections. These upgrades are not a must and may be chosen when you buy the salvation diet main program.

First Option of Salvation Diet Upgrade

The first upgrade of salvation diet is composed of 2 E-books and one special bonus:

  1. “The 40-Day Meal Plan” The main scope of this 40 days meal plan it is to minimize your appetite for wrong foods. You will discover what to eat daily, four times a day for 40 days.
  2. “The Cleansed by Christ 5-Day Detoxification Program” –In this short five days detoxification guide, Chirs Walker will teach you how to eliminate toxins from your body. He claims that if you follow it correctly, you will be more connected to God. We say that this guide may be different from other complete detoxification programs. Why?I s just a well described short five days guide, but nothing more.
  3. “Salvation Bible Verses” – Walker’s main scope of the 40 Bible verses from this guide it is to keep peoples more closed to their beliefs.

Second Option of Salvation Diet Upgrade

The Salvation Diet Upgrade 2

From our point of view, next upgrade of the salvation diet is for preppers only. It contains one guide and is composed of 2 parts. This manual comes in a bundle with two bonuses.  Part one of this handbook name is “37 Food Items SOLD OUT After Crisis” and part 2 is “Survive The Water Crisis”.

“37 Food Items SOLD OUT After Crisis” is a short E-book. This guide will teach you the 37 crucial things which you must have in your basement if a disaster happens.

“Survive The Water Crisis” explain how much water you need, where to store it and other detailed instructions on how to keep it clean and clear for an extended period.

The salvation diet upgrade bonuses for the second option are “Preventing Entering Without An Alarm And Without Relying On The Police” and “The Ultimate Survival Blueprint Survival Tricks”.

Third Upgrade

The Salvation Diet Vers 3 Upgrade

This third upgrade contains only relationship E-books:

  • “Biblical Ecstasy”
  • “Text The Romance Back 2.0: The 30-Day Digital Relationship Transformer.”
  • “Never Fight Again”

Last Upgrade Option

In this salvation diet upgrade, last option, you will discover the greatest bonuses. Chris Walker created for all followers of this program something what he calls it “The Salvation Diet Alliance.”

More than 90% of diets failure cause is the lack of support. The salvation diet Alliance is an exclusive membership program.

  • Monthly “Ask me Anything” calls with Chris Walker

You will have access to Walker’s private group. Here you can talk live with him and his team, and you can ask him personally and of course, get a proper answer regarding your salvation diet journey.

  • Discover newest salvation diet alliance recipes & meal plans crafted just for you

These meal plans are special because you will get them only when important Christian calendar events are going to take place. For example for Christmas, if you don’t know have any idea what to cook healthy, Chris Walker will help you by giving you private meal plans developed by him and his team.

  • Learn weekly devotionals and affirmations to keep you on the path to astonishing health through Christ

Weekly you will get an inspirational audio message to guide you better to find your new best self.

  • Reading club

In the reading club, you will discover monthly articles published by Chris about “things” which happened in his life as Christian and inside he will try to guide you on how to improve your overall health.

  • Practice The salvation diet alliance exercises you can do without ever setting your foot in a gym

In this exclusive area, you will discover weekly variable activities which can be put into practice into the living room while watching TV. The main positive aspect of these activities it is that your feeling will be like not “working out” at all.

  • Loving yourself through Christ

Last but not the least you will find Psychology exercises to have a brighter and more powerful self-image.

Please notice that these upgrades can be changed by the developer of this diet anytime. Will not be our fault if, at the time when you read this review, some information may not be correct. If you wish to adhere to one or 2 may do it only in the beginning of your purchase. By doing this, you can still see which of them are still available.

Here it ends our entire “The Salvation Diet” review article. If you have any comments about these upgrades, please use the comment area below.

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