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3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt – Is This Weight Loss Program Good?




3 week diet review

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This particular “3 Week Diet” article tries to point out main “strong and weak” points regarding the diet which created buzz on news, social media and message boards websites and will analyze the question, “Will this 3-week diet work?”

This review is an analysis of the diet program known as “3 Week Diet,” which is published by Brian Flatt and should not be confused with other diet plans developed and published by other authors. Also, this detailed review takes a look at every concept of this program and tries to define the “pros” and “cons”, and renders a final and neutral advice, so people know for sure if it’s to suit your needs or not.

To quote the 3 Week Diet web-site: “Is a simple, science-based diet that’s 100% guaranteed to melt off 12 to 23 pounds of stubborn fat in just three weeks.” For an online based electronic program, certainly that’s a striking promise. Below is a screenshot from this product movie presentation.

3week diet play video

Information about Bryan Flatt, the author of 3 Week Diet

As reported by his website, Brian Flatt the developer and publisher of The 3 Week Diet, is a health coach, personal trainer and sports nutritionist -He has the proper skills to develop this kind of products. Owning a degree in biology from San Diego State University, Brian Flatt has been in the fitness world since the 90’s. Besides all of these facts, he is the owner of REV Fitness, a fitness center, located in Southern California. Until now all is good.

Manuals included in Brian Flatt’s weight loss strategy

This course 3 Week Diet includes four essential e-books, each manual covering particular elements of his weight loss plan:

  • 3 Week Diet Introduction Manual 

3weekdiet introduction manualThis book is the starting point and is giving in-depth information about the science on how the body stores and burns fat and describes what people must do to shed fat. It also covers what is recommended to eat during this diet in some diet concepts such for example, food pyramid and metabolism.

Jeffrey Benjamin quoted: “A significant milestone in life is achieved when you learn to be your best friend.”. Stop losing time and go in the right direction right now.

  • 3 Week Diet Plan Manual

diet manual 3 weekThis manual provides in-depth details required to make certain that you (he or she) enjoy a customized diet plan. What’s more, it reveals precisely what you must eat and which groceries you need to stay away from no matter what or why, since this switch off the fat loss.

Also, this diet plan manual is the heart of this program and is made up from 3 parts. Each part is one week long and in the whole total program takes 3 weeks, just like title name. The diet plan will inform each user what should be eating daily, how much and when. To maximize the fat burning potential of each user, this manual identifies exactly which foods need to be eaten and what foods users need to skip. As stated by the author, only in the first week people may see a loss in weight of approx 10 pounds.

  • Workout Manual

workout manualThis manual is optional. Brian specifies that adding workout routines explained in this guide may help to double outcomes. Reveals people detailed information regarding daily walks, warm up and weight loss exercises. Furthermore, individuals can learn some particular instructions and strategies for effective weight loss, such as for instance ab blasters, bent-over row, goblet squat, etc. Due to these facts, it is suggested to follow it too. 

“Your workouts are important meetings you schedule with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel them. “

  • 3 Week Diet Mindset & Motivation Manual

mindset motivation manual 3 week dietThis particular manual is an add-on that not many other diet plans feature. Let results come to life because: “Our outcomes are linked to our actions and our lifestyle determines our actions, our lifestyle is motivated by our mind, and our emotions power our mind.” It is exactly why this book can help you to “picture” weight loss in a different way. Due to this fact 3 Week Diet guarantees that your feelings and thoughts regarding your 21-day test are optimistic which reinforces positive activity. Positive actions will result in positive outcomes.

As reported by the 3 Week Diet, people need to generate a caloric deficit as a way to shed fat. The diet plan tries to trick the body to burn more calories and drop near 1 pound of body fat daily. The most important idea regarding 3 Week Diet is that a diet plan must be inclined to generate evidently and relevant results to keep the dieter motivated to reach his/her goals.

Additionally diet manual includes a chapter about calculating lean body mass vs. body fat amount so that people can adjust their weight loss plan based on these facts.

How does 3 Week Diet Work

Starting out is very simple. Once a customer paid for this program he can download the e-books and may start building a customized diet plan which also is an easy task to do. People need to read from one to four manuals, depending on their selections, then will have a full diet and exercise plan. They’ll have everything they need to start right away. One strong point of the 3-week diet is next: -is that is accessible to anyone no matter body type, age or religion. It also doesn’t matter if people have other eating plans because even vegans can try this “3Week Diet”.

This diet plan is ideal for many who are sick and tired of trying out other diets and not seeing any results despite their effort. If you thought that you’re motivated and decided to stay on the 21 days plan, wish to shed 12-23 pounds in that period, perhaps you are a confident candidate for the “3 Week Diet.” Also, if you think that this diet plan is a magical pill which if you buy it will work even if you sit around and do nothing on this matter, then stop losing your time to read the “3 Week Diet.”

All diets require you to make positive changes to your lifestyle since your habits got you where you’re now and will not let you do anything positive if you don’t start to make a change. Think positive and try to start today to form out new habits which will take you to your promised dream.

Pros and Cons Regarding 3 Week Diet

“3 Week Diet” has many positive points, but we will try to show only main ones:

  1. Smooth 12-23 pound loss of weight
  2. This diet and weight loss program can be downloaded instantly
  3. Mindset & Motivation Manual
  4. Home based simple exercises
  5. Awesome health advantages such as less cellulite boosted vitality and lower cholesterol levels
  6. This program has a “Doctor Trusted” stamp of approval. It means that when a diet receives support from doctors for a three weeks nutritional and training methods, there must be something excellent
  7. All four manuals presentation is clean, and design is visually friendly

Also, “3 Week Diet” has weak points because:

  1. It is downloadable in “pdf” format, and some users may require a physical copy, which is not available
  2. Some ideas may have a more in-depth coverage
  3. Few additional costs may be included by users because some training gear or supplements are recommended but not required
  4. In several cases, the writer makes questionable claims regarding fat burning and only wants readers to believe him. For instance, he mentions that the main cause why other diets do not succeed is due to the fact these do not generate outcomes fast enough, and yet he does not include any backup information or a sustainable explanation.
  5. Customer support seems to be inefficient because they responded to my inquiry in 3 hours. Let’s hope it was because we sent the ticket not during their working hours.

Does “3 Week Diet” work?

There are many testimonials on the homepage from people with amazing results, losing 15 pounds in 12 days to 23 pounds in 21 days. Besides testimonials, people may find last costumers “info” from “VerySafe Data”, and their numbers are many. 

Following are some testimonials from people who used 3 Week Diet:
3 week diet testimonial 1

3 week diet brian flatt testimonial

3 Week Diet Final Verdict

Because it is quickly down-loadable and also has an extended guarantee is great and according to that, we advise that anyone may try “3 Week Diet” because they have nothing to lose. Anyone can try 3 Week Diet. If someone is not entirely satisfied because is not seeing any results, they may contact customer support team to ask for a refund.

UPDATE: We’ve been emailed by many 3 Week Diet users who are sharing positive results. The reimbursement rate of this is incredibly low showing that many people are losing pounds using this diet plan. We recommend The 3 Week Diet Plan.Also, if you want to share your thoughts or updates regarding 3 Week Diet, please leave us a comment here or email us.

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4 responses to “3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt – Is This Weight Loss Program Good?”

  1. Alyse Estrada Avatar
    Alyse Estrada

    I have been following the 3 week diet for 18 days now and I have lost 12lbs!!!! It’s incredible, some of the diet is hard to stick by at first, but the results so far have been well worth the mild discomfort of feeling a little hungry here and there. This diet plan is very well written and a wealth of knowledge on how the body actually burns fat.

    1. B Lingard Avatar
      B Lingard

      Hello Alyse my wife just started on this diet and in the first week she lost about 5kg which is around 10 pounds. Do you mind if I ask your starting weight? It seems like she is losing it so fast, I just want to make sure she is losing a healthy amount for her starting weight. She got a little grumpy from being hungry too but once that first week is over so far she is getting used to it lol.

  2. abby morgan Avatar
    abby morgan

    i actually stumbled across this looking for a diet that i heard of with a similar name but this one actually sounds like it suits me better. i am looking for something that i can do with very limited time at home after my first baby boy was born 🙂 i only need to drop about 5-10kg to be at a weight i am comfortable with. i’ve never liked reading documents online but am i able to print a copy (through my partners work hahaha!)? is the pdf document printer friendly??

  3. Ma Avatar

    IS anyone doing this diet now in May 23, that would like to develop a support system and encouragement?

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