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Diabetes 60 System Review –Sufferers Holy Grail Is Myth?




Diabetes 60 System Review

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Diabetes 60 System is a new type 2 free diabetes program sold online. Download and buy Diabetes 60 System only after you read this black and white review.

The developers of this particular diabetes 60 system claim that you will live a life free of type 2 diabetes because they have the answer to all issues regarding your diabetes condition. But is this true? Diabetes 60 system works or is just a scam? We will try to investigate this in our Diabetes 60 System review starting from here.

What is Diabetes 60 System?

From Dr. Ryan Shelton’s diabetes 60 system presentations movie, we understand that if we close our eyes, we will imagine a life free from type 2 diabetes. The next day when we wake

Diabetes 60 System
Diabetes 60 System

up, we will not have to worry about this disease, medications for it and needles or diabetes fingertips. The list can go on but who is Dr. Ryan Shelton. From our research, we found some doctors online with that name but no one of them with a connection with this product. He claims that he was practicing physician for more than 12 years. If we have done our research wrong, please Dr. Ryan Shelton is invited to shoot us an email, and we will update this information about him, his career and his connection with this less than 60 seconds per day free diabetes system.

From our point of view this Dr. Ryan Shelton looks like a presentation guy which we all regularly see him on TV advertising breaks.

Diabetes 60 System Scientific Research Information

Diabetes 60 System presentation movie is covered by a lot of studies and research claims. Due to this fact, we did another investigation to try to see if Ryan Shelton claims are true or not.

1. National Diabetes Federation Study

Dr. Ryan Shelton says that right now we are in the middle of a diabetes epidemic, and he states that according to the National Diabetes Federation there are currently more than 371 million people suffering from this condition. This number it’s expected to reach 552 million by 2030 year. You can see also these articles from National Diabetes Federation here. All their articles contain very useful information about diabetes signs and symptoms, risk factors, complications, physical activity and so on.

2. American Journal of Preventive Medicine Study

Ryan Shelton claims in its second study from his movie that according to American Journal of Preventive Medicine a person spend in average $85,000 to manage this condition and its complications over the course of his lifetime. We did some research and found this article and all his claims are right. Anyway, this is just a financial study.

3. H.I.I.T. Study

The third study is referring to the fact that Diabetes 60 system is relying on a study on how exercise influence muscle sensitiveness to insulin and absorb more glucose from the blood. As a result, you will have lower blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. These Dr. Ryan Shelton “high-intensity interval training(H.I.I.T) ” and the connection with diabetes symptoms can be found in European Journal of Applied Physiology. We couldn’t found this article because that publication requires a monthly subscription.

We went further and found this article on how an intense physical training program affects insulin sensitivity and glycemic control for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus individuals, in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. This study involved 42 patients with ages 45+/- 2 who were randomly assigned to 4 training groups. You can read this full study here.

Diabetes 60 system is referring to another study from Journal of Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity in which a single (H.I.I.T) session may reduce blood glucose for 24h while an average 2-week program reduces the glucose levels by an average of  13%. The new blood glucose levels remain active for three days after the exercise program. We found this related article regarding the benefits of exercise therapy in patients with type-2 diabetes. You can download the entire article from the DovePress website.

4. Faculty of Human Kinetics Study

Another Diabetes 60 system claim from video presentation is referring to a study conducted at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Human Kinetics. This study has the name “The effects of high-intensity interval training on indices of glucose handling in type 2 diabetics” and if you are interested to read all this study, do a quick Google search by this study name and you can download its pdf file. This study summary is that 18 minutes of H.I.I.T. for two weeks did not improve HOMA-R (“a method for assessing β-cell function and insulin resistance from basal glucose and insulin or C-peptide concentrations”). What Diabetes 60 system claims are real, blood glucose dropped after high-intensity interval training of just 30 seconds daily, but it is unknown how long this reduction lasted.

For your information, all these studies are academic journals or other kinds of publications and have not been approved by any medical institution. So the next question will come into play:

Is Diabetes 60 system a scam or is working? Based on our gathered information about this program claims and also on your judgment you can answer yourself this question. Of course exercise and a healthy diet will help you to lose weight and also have some impact on glucose and blood sugar levels. These all studies are linked to exercises and diabetics and, of course, don’t need a special medical approval. Why? Because all doctors recommend that if you have diabetes, it is better to do exercise while you continue your treatment.

How To Buy Diabetes 60 System With Discount And How it Works?

Why we talk about these concerns now? Because possible customers must be informed on what they get when they try to buy Diabetes 60 System.

People may purchase Diabetes 60 System only from the official website at Anyway, you can move your mouse or try to press back.Now you can buy it with $10 discount. After you press “order now” you will see a webpage where you can enter your billing details and email address. In your e-mail box, you will find all details on how to log in into the member’s area.

After you paid, you will have some options to upgrade your order. We don’t understand why but the developers claim that you see these upgrades only one time and of course after you already bought main diabetes 60 system. These options are:

First Option of Diabetes 60 System Upgrade

Diabetes 60 system advanced program

The first upgrade option is something called Diabetes 60 Advanced program (exclusive VIP invitation) and is composed of the next books:

  • “Advanced Performance Movements”: -You will discover ten more exercise pdf and video series.
  • “Advanced Diabetic Destroyer Diet” – Developers of this product claim that you will find a special diet which may be followed for one week.
  • “Diabetes 60 System Advanced Virtual Gastric Band” – In this guide, you will discover six hypnoses lessons
  • “Advanced Mediation Audio Series”

Second Option of Diabetes 60 System Upgrade

In the second Diabetes 60 system upgrade, you will find 16 natural remedies e-books. These E-books are:

  1. “Neuropathy No More”
  2. “Natural Hearing Solution”
  3. “Vision Improvement System”
  4. “7 Day Energy Booster.”
  5. “Reducing Blood Pressure Naturally”
  6. “Metabolic Magic”
  7. “Flawless Aging”
  8. “Sleep Solution”
  9. “Natural Headache Cure”
  10. “How To Stop Anxiety Attacks”
  11. “Dealing With Stress Naturally”
  12. “Brain Games”
  13. “Losing Weight Natures Way”
  14. “Memory Techniques”
  15. “Natural Vertigo & Dizziness Relief.”
  16. Acid Reflux Survival Guide

We don’t want to describe each book because we will talk about other issues and not the main scope of this review. We just made a picture for you with all e-books.

Dyabetes 60 System Upgrades-2

Last Upgrade

The last update includes a 30 days free invitation to the Diabetes 60 system advanced program. From our point of view, the developers of this system, if they didn’t sell you from the first attempt “the first upgrade”, they are trying to give it for free for 30 days to you now.
This diabetes system which claims that will reverse your type 2 diabetes in 60 seconds if you follow it daily contains the next “points” in the member area:

  1. Main Guide

The main guide chapters will cover the next critical lessons:

  • General information about diabetes, symptoms, the different type of diabetes and so on.
  • How does H.I.I.T. work and information about next protocols(plans): Tabata, Gibala, and Timmons
  • What does science say about HIIT and all phases?
  • Details about the 8-week protocol available in pdf format
  1. 8 Week Protocol

  • In this member area, you will find the primary protocol divided into eight weeks. For each day, you will find the exercises which needed to be done, repeatedly and active time. All these activities are available also as video collection from area 3.
  1. Video Collection

  2. Interval Timer

  • In this section, you have a collection of tracking timers available that you can use. If you are using an I-phone, you can the IOS version, if you have an Android phone you can choose another version and so on.
  1. Health Tracker Software

  • At the moment of our review, in this section, we found just a link which redirected us to “CareLogger” free tool for diabetics.
  1. Health Calculator

  • In this area people will have access to some useful health calculators: Target Heart Rate(THR), Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Fat Percent(BFP), Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) and caloric usage calculator.
  1. Recipe Collection

  • In recipe collection section people will discover useful recipes for all kind of individuals choices, starting with vegetarian and ending with gluten free recipes.

How this Diabetes 60 system works? You will have to do all the described exercise sets daily to live a free diabetes life.


  • All payments processed by Clickbank are covered by 60 days money back guarantee. If you already bought diabetes 60 system and didn’t find it useful or you don’t have your doctor approval to use it, head back to CB, and you can get a full refund.
  • The members area is divided into separate sections.


  • The main guide may contain information which other diabetes sufferers already may know it.
  • We need more information about this Dr. Ryan Shelton
  • Some scientific references are scholars articles, journals or even clinical trials which mean that what is inside may not have been approved at this moment.

Conclusion: Should you follow Diabetes 60 System?

Diabetes 60 system is an online diabetes program which claims to be the holy grail for this condition sufferers. The main selling target of this system is type-2 diabetes symptoms, people.

Will diabetes 60 system work for you or is just a scam? As we mentioned, people can answer this question on their own. Which is our recommendation to you if you decide to buy and follow this system? We only made an online review of this program, but our recommendation is next. If you choose to follow diabetes 60 system guidelines, is a must that you grab this manual, your login user and password, head to your doctor and obtain his approval. Only after you talk to your doctor and he or she may say if you are eligible to follow the diet and exercise described inside in this program. Never is advised to stop the prescribed diet or medication by your doctor only because you just found an online diabetes reversal program.

Your experience during Diabetes 60 System is positive or negative?

Do you already bought, have your doctor approval and followed Diabetes 60 System guidelines? Did you saw any improvement in your condition or not? You are invited to share you experience with us in the comments field below.

Here it ends our diabetes 60 system review for today. See you on our next one soon!

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  1. Valencia Pooley Avatar
    Valencia Pooley

    Great renew and awesome website. BTW I’m also using this program and it works absolutely fantastically!! There’s no reason to not try this diabetes system!

  2. Davey Avatar

    I have a history of diabetes in the family so I’ve just gone ahead and bought this with your discount. I have only looked over the content once quickly but it looks good – a few things I knew and a lot that I wasn’t already doing. I called my doctor for an opinion and she said to use it in conjunction with my healthy eating and exercise regimes so I will be doing that and see how I progress.

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