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The E-Factor Diet – Review John Rowley’s Plan




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This E-Factor Diet review attempts to inspect “The E-Factor Diet” by John Rowley weight loss strategy and will try to point out main strong and weak points regarding this diet plan which created so much buzz on news, the internet, and social media sites. Besides all these facts, we will try to see the answer to this question: “Will this E-Factor diet plan work and is suitable for everyone?”.

So let’s start this by pointing out that this particular review is an in-depth analysis of the diet plan known as “The E-Factor Diet.” This diet plan is written by John Rowley and must not be confused with other diet plans created and published by the same author, like for example: “Old School New Body” or “The Power of Positive Fitness.” Beside what contains and what brings new in every e-book or program,  we will try to see the strong and weak points of his strategy. For those who don’t know what The E Factor diet is, below is the screenshot from presentation movie of this diet plan.

e-factor diet

To quote the E-Factor Diet website: “Know about the E-Factor? Now you can lose weight in 24 hours” For an online structured digital program, really that’s an extraordinary promise… But let’s see more information about the author, what it contains, pro and cons and much more.

Information about John Rowley, “The E-Factor Diet” Author


John M. Rowley, the author of The E Factor Diet, is the Director of Fitness and Wellness at American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness. Also, he is the Public Relations Director for Powerhouse Gyms International, Wellness Director at International Sports Science Association, speaker, radio television personality and one of the greatest diet manual authors. Additionally, he writes for Martha Stewart Living television series, contributes to Wall Street Journal, Fox News and Smart Money. His books, “Old School New Body” and “The Power of Positive Fitness”, are and CB bestsellers. Furthermore, newspapers call him America’s Lifestyle Strategist.

With John Rowley’s help who developed all weight loss and diet plan strategy, Jared managed to bring E-Factor Diet to life. John Rowley has been featured on different TV channels discussing various diets strategies. His achievements are a testament to show how accurate and helpful are his insights about weight loss.

The E-Factor Diet: Manuals, Workout Videos, and Bonuses contained in his weight loss plan

The E Factor Diet includes five main manuals, 5+2 bonuses (e-books and mp3 files). Each e-book or video is covering different E-Factor diet elements and weight loss ideas from Rowley’s strategy. But let’s see what each E-Factor Diet manual contains. The leading e-books are:

  • The E-Factor Diet:

    the e factor dietThis e-book covers various recommendations for weight loss. Rather than suggesting basic solutions such as “eat healthier “ and  “do more exercises, The E-Factor Diet targets comprehensive information of his weight loss program.

    For instance, people’s primary fat loss issues are the groceries they eat and the different enzymes contained in these foods. Eating specific foods creates various consequences inside their body. Knowing which foods to eat and when may create positive effects and can reduce hunger to improve weight loss.

    The E-Factor Diet is one fat burning plan which not only lifts body’s metabolism rate but also helps people in losing weight quicker. John Rowley splits foods into two different categories. The first food group is labeled as “energetic foods”. These type of foods offer energy to your body which is the best source of energy for your brain.

Two of the bonuses included in this diet plan are:

  • Free Bonus 7 Essential Fat Loss Habits and 4 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed (2 bonus e-books):

4-best-foods-to-eat-before-bed7fatlosshabits_bwr“7 Essential Fat Loss Habits” e-book contains seven powerful and necessary lifestyle habits that people should be doing every single day but 99% of people simply never think about. My favorite was habit number 3 because it involves eating my favorite foods in the morning and losing weight because of it!

“4 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed” contains top foods that people must avoid in the evening or after 7 pm, healthy protein information that is a fat loss disaster when eaten at night, and of course the four best foods to eat before going to bed, to control hunger and increase fat loss.

In The “E Factor Diet” weight loss strategy, the main program, are included more e-books. So let’s examine the rest of the opportunities and e-books that people will find in this program.


  • Weight Lose Handbook

    This manual includes John Rowley’s exclusive and groundbreaking E-Factor concepts. We refer to this e-book as one of the core parts of his diet program. It includes weight loss solutions described in an easy to understand and follow way. This handbook is one of the best strategy aiding you to lose weight and same time feeling healthy.

  • Grocery Guide

    Within this guide, people will get valuable information about calorie burning foods which naturally improves body’s ability to melt off extra weight. Because sometimes grocery stores could be the main devil to deal with, this manual will take your shopping journey to the next level. You can enter, buy what you need and rush out. Now you know what you are looking for, on your list and no more precious time is wasted.

  • Meal Planning Blueprint

    This “E-Factor Diet” e-book creates your meals. People will have no more trouble when it comes to planning their daily meals. All they need to do is to follow these guidelines. This is a brilliant strategy to keep their diet plan up. We love this e-book considering that planning and preparing meals are important parts of an efficient diet program.

  • Cheat Your Way Trim

    Many people wish to “cheat” a bit their diet program without ruining their weight loss progress. This guidebook will learn people how to “cheat a bit” and same time lose weight. These ideas don’t kiss each other? Cheat and same time lose weight? Try and see yourself but only following this book guidelines.

E-Factor Diet Great Bonuses

Don’t be impressed by these members area e-books because here come more bonuses! In addition to the main E-Factor weight loss program, people are going to find other five excellent gifts.In the upcoming part of this E-Factor Diet review we are going to see what each bonus consists of:

  • Fast Food Guide

    fast-food-guide-bonus1Because people don’t have time to prepare their meal, and by following E-Factor Diet bonus #1, people will know what to eat when they are traveling or are in a rush. Taking a trip or going on a vacation is one of the greatest issues for people following a diet plan mainly because they can’t use their foods from fridge needed for weight loss program. Due to all these problems, John planned to make this diet program “easy to follow” for every situation. All in one, by using this guide when you are in a business or a vacation trip, or just in a rush, you will be able to lose weight and stay on track because you will know what to eat in these situations. You don’t need to feel embarrassed to have dinner with your business partners or friends because you will be able to find something to eat and at the same time, to follow your diet plan.

  • Smoothie Shop

smoothie-shop-bonus2When people are in a rush and don’t have a chance to eat a full meal, everything can fall apart because we can’t eat the proper foods.But wait, is smoothies time! Sometimes is better to consider a smoothie “the right meal” because it takes only three minutes to make one and their taste is amazing. Inside John Rowley’s “Smoothie Shop” manual people will discover how to make delicious smoothies and be ready to rush to their jobs in less than 3 minutes. This e-book contains many different slimming smoothie recipes which take only 3-4 minutes to prepare, so you have no excuses to make at least one of these weekly. If people combine these smoothies with the secrets from “All-Day Energy Secrets” manual tips, they will have high energy all day long!

  • All-Day Energy Secrets

all-day-energy-bonus3In this bonus, people will find easy to follow tips which they can use daily to regain their lost energy. Also due to the “Energy Enhancers” found in this e-book people will work harder, and will have more fun daily. But let’s find what the bonus number 4 is all about. This gift contains a mp3 seminar.



  • Joint Recovery Workshop (mp3)

    joint-recovery-bonus4In The E-Factor Diet Joint Recovery Workshop 4th bonus, people will discover a recorded seminar and they can hear John Rowley and his joint pain relief specialist sharing their knowledge. They are informing people on how to maintain their joints free from pain over time. We believe that now you are wondering yourself; For what is bonus useful? Or… Why do I need this bonus? This bonus is very helpful because one community program named 7 Minute Shape Up Blueprint contains over six video examples of workout routines from chest, back, shoulder to arms and legs.

  • An Elite Support Community Bonus

elite-support-bonus5In this final bonus, people will find 24/7 online assistance from John’s team. Their support team and also community support will be there for all members when they’re needed. If anyone needs help regarding why they lost motivation and how can be regained, they don’t have to worry about these issues anymore. John and his team are here to help them. One of the top issue when it comes to failing diet goals is that people following diet plans are not having a proper support team from the diet developer, and they are starting to lose their motivation. This is now over because John’s support team is offering a full year access to elite support community. Furthermore, this elite support bonus includes a monthly call from John and his team to keep all motivated on reaching their weight loss goals and much more!

Some people will enjoy this program to its maximum potential. John Rowley developed special courses for them too, but we managed to discover at least their names and in some cases what contain:

  • Factorize your Kitchen

  • Debug Your Gut

  • 7 Minute Shape Up Blueprint 

    This particular part includes video workout exercises that people must do. All videos are directly from John Rowley’s fitness team.

Pros and Cons Regarding The E-Factor Diet

thumbsup-tefdTime has come in our E-Factor Review to talk about Pros and Cons.

First let’s see the advantages of following this program:

  •    The guidelines included in this program are easy to follow. Due to this fact, this program is suitable for almost everybody.
  •    The E-factor diet grants quicker initial weight loss.Of course, much of initial weight loss (like all diet programs)  is water but seeing this, will keep people motivated to keep John’s strategy up.
  • If followed properly|correctly, weight loss results are great. Following properly means to follow the entire program from begin to end.
  • The E-factor program does not force clients to buy gym equipment or to go to the fitness club. Basic workouts described in 7 Minute Shape Up Blueprint can be easily done from the comfort of their home.
  • This program eliminates metabolic syndrome issues
  • This weight loss program contains user-friendly manuals, videos, mp3 seminars, monthly meetings with John Rowley’s team.
  • Overall advantages include: muscle vs. fat, at least 12 pounds of weight will be lost(depending on how strictly individuals follow the plan), eating only healthy foods, increased metabolism, increased energy, etc

Now let’s see the weak points of “The E-Factor Diet” plan:

  • thumbsdown-tefdThere isn’t any physical copy of this program ready to be grabbed. The program is available only via e-books (pdf format), videos or mp3 files and all seminars or meeting can be accessed on their online community area. This can be a disadvantage but same time a significant advantage for others.
  • The strategy of eliminating carbs from The E-Factor diet indicates that people need to avoid consuming some legumes, fruit, and whole grains which from our point of view, in some cases, is not very healthy.
  • Some people might end up failing because they don’t put their time and effort into following the given and right instructions.

The E Factor Diet Final Verdict

The-EfactordietTime has come to answer the question from beginning of this article:“Will this E-Factor diet plan work and is suitable for everyone?”

The E-Factor Diet is relatively close to being nominated one of the best diet programs online. If it isn’t in the top 10 online diets, it truly should be, mainly because as we described, it doesn’t just give people the ideas about dieting but provides them the relevant information needed, information that they can’t find anywhere else. But do we recommend this diet program to any person? The answer is NO. We don’t recommend The E-Factor Diet to everyone. But we recommend it to individuals who wish to lose weight or had trouble and failed to follow other diet plans.

Do you get some advantages from The E-Factor diet if you are already looking great? Of course, but The E-Factor Diet is mainly recommended to those who need to lose weight and change their eating habits and lifestyle. The final verdict is: The E-Factor Program is made for people searching for all details needed to burn fat and to live a healthy way of life. Why? Because it focuses on the additional facts that many other diet plans don’t offer, and it gives guaranteed results.

We hope you enjoyed our The E-Factor Diet Review and we are waiting to see your results via email or comments about this diet here. Also, if you like this article too much, don’t forget to share it on social media.

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