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Sonoma Diet – 10 Super Foods And Days For A Leaner Waist?




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Sonoma Diet is a new course, E-book and meal plan about managing portions and eating ten prescribed foods. These foods are known as “power foods.” These foods were specifically chosen by this diet’s creator and contain whole grains, almonds, bell peppers, etc. The idea behind Sonoma diet is to eat like people in the Sonoma area of California and become healthier, more fit and lose weight.

Who Created The Sonoma Diet?

Author and Registered Dietitian Connie Guttersen created Sonoma diet. She chose to use the Sonoma region as “the center” of her diet and book. She was a consultant in olive industry. Several certified nutritionists helped her to write this diet. Gutterson has focused her career on finding healthy and good tasting foods to eat which also may assist in losing weight. At this moment, she is a well-respected person in the diet community.

What Are The Claims Of Sonoma Diet?

The new Sonoma Diet comes from California’s Sonoma County where the sun-drenched foods and healthy active lifestyles prevail. It allows a person to eat delicious, wholesome fresh foods and drink wine. This diet is a variation of the well-known Mediterranean diet which health’s benefits have been well researched. Sonoma Diet will encourage people to adopt healthy habits and good choices. It will result in a new lifestyle which will give you an energized body. Connie Guttersen claims that this new feeling will give you an appreciation for tasty, nourishing foods, and a desire to stick to this diet until the end.

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The Sonoma diet promise is that after ten days on this program if followed correctly, will make the dieter healthier with a slimmer waist. The Sonoma diet promise is that you will not lose weight by avoiding foods, but you’ll lose weight by eating delicious, flavorful foods which will give you a lot of energy. After the first ten days, the dieter will be encouraged to move to ‘Phase 2′ of the diet, which will be described later in this article.

The Theory And Research Behind Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet strives to teach people to simply eaten core foods that are full of robust taste. What is there any scientific research behind these foods?

There is no specific scientific research at this moment, but if we rely on Mediterranean diet research, you will be overall in better health, have a healthier heart and less risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Of course, if you’re overweight, weight loss alone may help prevent these diseases as, including preventing Type 2 Diabetes.

The Key Ingredients Of The Sonoma Diet

sonoma diet ingredients

Some of Sonoma’s diet key ingredients are fruits, veggies, wine, meat-free protein sources like soy and eggs (low in saturated fat). The diet is broken into what Connie Guttersen calls them ‘waves’ also known as three major waves.

Sonoma Diet 1st Wave

The first wave lasts for ten days, and it’s designed to:

  • get you involved in the diet
  • help you stop thinking about junk foods

It gives you a taste of what the portions will look like and what the food will taste like. In the end, it gives you an idea of whether or not the diet is good for you because you will have to follow it in the 1st week. There are some options, but the first phase is tough. You can have the following servings for Breakfast (are three choices):

  1. 7-inchplate filled with 70% protein and 30% whole grains.
  2. 2 cups bowl of 55% whole grains and 54% dairy.
  3. 7-inchplate of 100% protein

For lunch and dinner, you also have two options:

  1. 9-inch plate filled with 60% vegetables and 40% protein
  2. 9-inch plate with 50% vegetables, 30% protein, and 20% whole grains

You must choose option one or two for either lunch or dinner, and vice versa. Snacks are optional (fruits, healthy fats, veggies).

Sonoma Diet 2nd Wave

Sonoma Diet second phase almost the same like 1st one. You eat the same servings, the same type of foods, but now you can add some fruit, more veggies, sugar-free treats, and wine! You can add 6 ounces of wine daily! The Sonoma Diet Book will recommend what types of wine you should choose, which ones are best for your heart and overall health, and which wine you should drink with specific meals. You have to stay with this phase until you reach your weight goal. Even if it claims is that you will lose weight in just ten days, this might take several months or even a year for some people. Dedication to the second phase has to be one hundred percent!

Once you reach your weight goal, you can move on to the third phase.

Sonoma Diet 3rd Wave

This third step begins only once you reach your ideal weight. This wave also focuses on making all parts of the Sonoma Diet, an entirely new and healthy lifestyle. You will continue eating the same food and portions, but you have more leeway. Now you start to live Sonoma style.

Sample Meal Plan

As shown above, the first and second waves are fairly strict when regarding what you are allowed to eat. Here is a menu from people who’ve completed stages one and two:

  • Breakfast-Whole-grain cereal with milk (Skin or 1 percent)
  • Lunch-Turkey and wild rice salad (you can substitute the turkey with chicken, pork, tuna, or lean meat)-Hummus with veggies, like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, snap peas.
  • Dinner—Chicken breast with rosemary (or turkey breast, or a pork chop, or tofu)-Brussels sprouts (A beautiful vegetable filled with vitamin C)-Whole-grain bread slice-Fresh fruit-1 glass of wine (optional)
  • Snack—Whole-wheat pita-Cucumbers dipped in yogurt
  • Dessert-Apple and blueberry tart

Sample Sonoma Diet Recipe

sonoma diet salad

Here is a sample recipe for a person who uses the Sonoma Diet as a guide to healthy eating, Sonoma salad with tomatoes and cheese.

Start to finish prepares time: 20 minutes

Makes: 4 servings

You will need:

  • 8 cups spinach (or you can use mixed greens, but spinach is packed with Vitamin C)
  • 12 ounces cooked skinless chicken
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
  • ½ cup sliced, halved cucumber
  • ¼ cup small fresh basil leaves (optional)
  • Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Sea Salt (don’t use if you are trying to cut down on sodium)
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • ¼ cup crumbled feta, blue cheese or goat cheese (1 ounce)
  • 1 tablespoon pine nuts or almond slices, toasted


In a very large bowl combine all ingredients and drizzle Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing, and then toss the salad. Top with not many salt, whichever cheese and nuts you choose and serve. Nutrition Facts per serving: 267 cal., 13 g total fat (3 g sat. fat), 80 mg cholesterol, 318 mg sodium, 6 g carbo., 2 g fiber, 30 g pro.

Level Of Effort, Restrictions And Exercise

The Sonoma Diet is something that you have to follow on your own by reading the book. There are a few online support groups also. The level of effort you need is high because you have to self-regulate your diet and motivate yourself to exercise. The restrictions are fairly immense because you need to eat only the foods which this diet allows. After a while, your body adapts, and the results, if followed properly, are worth it.

There isn’t a whole set of exercise in the Sonoma Die book, but you should use common sense to keep yourself active, whether it’s walking, jogging, weight lifting, aerobic exercise, sit ups, participation in sports, tennis and so on. Just keep moving, keep your heart rate up, and do things which may keep your body in shape!

Sonoma Diet main health benefit is the fact that you will lose weight. Losing weight helps on all aspects of the body, including the risk of:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • back pain and pain from being overweight
  • cancer, heart disease and other diseases.

Many of the foods which you eat during this diet may reduce your odds of getting these diseases because are chalk full of vitamins. The term “You are what you eat” is definitely in accordance with this diet plan.

Counter Arguments

Many experts state that there is no conclusive research, and this diet is not associated with any health benefits. However, research shows that foods contained in this diet are indeed beneficial for many body parts.

One main counter argument is next. Sonoma diet has a lot of restrictions meaning that it’s difficult to follow. Also, the lack of suggested exercise is often criticized by experts. Anyway, you can decide how much exercise you may make. Like any other diets, you are limiting your intake of ‘bad food’ and concentrating yourself to eat only good foods. This may indicate that you may lose weight.

The Sonoma diet isn’t full of salt, but there are always ways to reduce sodium intake. Don’t use recipes that contain salt. Check for sodium added in salad dressings as well. The Sonoma diet recipe above is an example which includes just sea salt.

Who Should Start the Sonoma Diet

lose weight with sonoma diet
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Anyone who wants to lose weight and become healthy should start this diet. Also, if you’re going to start it, ensure that you have the willpower to stick that ‘10 power foods.’ If you can’t follow the Sonoma diet in the first ten days properly, then perhaps you should look for something else.

New Sonoma diet it has gluten friendly recipes, so those with celiac disease will be a good fit for it.

The Sonoma Diet is a very healthy, wholesome diet which doesn’t count calories (at least not all). It enables the dieter to eat great tasting foods but these servings will be repeated, and people may get “sick of them.” This diet is a great choice for people who have willpower and are also willing to change their diet habits for good. The first Sonoma diet wave is tough, the second one gets easier, and once you’re at your goal weight, this diet becomes a part of your healthy and active lifestyle.

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