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Pescetarian Diet

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Pescetarian diet is the practice of adhering to a new eating plan if you are seriously worried about the risks that red meat and poultry possess. Pescetarians are often confused with vegetarians, but this is not true. We will call them pesco-vegans because they eat only sea foods and vegetables. There are some impressive health benefits that a pescetarian diet may offer. That’s why we will look deeper at what this new diet promises.

General Principles Of The Pescetarian Diet

fish as a delicious meal for a healthy life

Besides eating healthier, leading positive aspects of a pescetarian diet include a greener planet and fewer animals’ abuse. Factory farming is a terrible existence for any living being and participating in this industry just keeps it alive. Not only are the farms overpopulated, but the animals are also treated inhumanely. Although they may not be human, they still experience fear and react to their environments.

Forests are gradually disappearing to support this beef industry, and the ecosystem is a vital part of the entire earth’s health. Taking a stand, politically and spiritually, can only lead to a positive way of living. Further, there is evidence that we are not carnivores as our physical make-up supports evidence that we are vegetarians and this addition of fish to our diets increases overall health benefits.

What Are The Claims Of Pescetarian Diet

The claims of a pescetarian diet include health benefits including lowering the triglycerides, also known as “bad cholesterol” which causes heart disease, decreases blood vessel blockage and reduces the risk of stroke. It also has fewer carbohydrates (per serving) compared with many foods which can be a part of a healthy diet. It is protein iron and potassium rich. Also, it contains essential minerals such as selenium which keeps your body’s organs functioning properly and is helping you to develop a strong skeleton and muscle system.

The pescetarian diet promises an increase in iron, niacin, zinc, vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cobalamin). All these vitamins and minerals are necessary for kidney, liver, and heart proper functions.

History and Theories Behind Pescetarian Diet

historical boats for fishermen

The pescetarian diet has been around for our entire history. Island and port cities have had access to seafood and. Some cultures, such as Japanese, Mediterranean and Indian peoples have eaten pescetarian food for as long as they have existed. Of course, some of these choices are spiritually based.

Some cultures with particularly excellent pescetarian menu options are the Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean, Irish, English, Portuguese and other coastal regions that use the sea as a food source.

Science studies support pescetarian diets as it can increase iron intake and decrease the possibility of developing anemia. It can reduce the risks of as serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Some religions require this kind of diet and support it as a moral and ethical way to eat.

The pescetarian diet is a healthy choice based on scientific evidence. One of their findings tells us that the chemicals, hormones and insect repellents that are often found in grass grazing animals can be cancer causing, therefore avoiding land and air animals may be an excellent way to prevent these diseases.

What You Can Eat On a Pescetarian Diet

pescetarism ingredients & claims

There are many options and entire cookbooks that promise to show the best ways to create delicious pescetarian meals. Adopting a particular pescetarian diet may be a good way to embrace new foods into your meal choices. Also, by adding spices that are amazingly nutritious such as turmeric and curry, which also have cancer-fighting capabilities and anti-oxidants can be a creative way to increase your interest in trying new pescetarian diet recipes. Many people eat sushi and sashimi as a part of their daily dishes. This is a proof of positive attitude and an excellent way to add interesting meals to the menu.

Main Ingredients Of A Pescetarian Lifestyle

Salmon, tuna, sardines, shellfish, fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, tofu and tempeh are the main ingredients of a pescetarian diet. Some pescetarians also include dairy and eggs in their diets to increase the combinations of meal choices and increase protein and calcium intake.

You may need to find new ways of combining fish with other foods to boost your protein and vitamin intake. Salmon is one of your better options because it has a lot of health benefits. Be smart and add salmon twice a week to your meal plan.

You also need to get involved in reading ingredients on any canned foods that you may purchase. Choosing just fish soups combined with vegetable recipes is necessary for maintaining a right pescetarian diet. It is not difficult to avoid animal proteins if that is your choice. For the most part, though, once you begin to eradicate red meat from your diet, cravings will subside. There are many options to increase protein-rich items to your diet to assure health benefits.

Salt & Pescetarian Diet

Since the majority of your protein will be coming from the ocean, it is evident that there will be salt in the fish although it is important to note that salt is an essential mineral in the diet to keep organs working correctly. There is less salt in fish than you may think and decreasing table salt may be a way to maintain healthy salt levels. The flavor and salt levels of the fish may require less salt to be added to your food. Also, it is recommended to eat more freshwater fish food and use sea salt.

Pescetarians & Food Cooperatives

salt and fish (pescetarian diet)

To cut some the costs of transitioning to a pescetarian diet, you may want to research the options of food cooperatives. In many communities, there are groups of people who purchase their food in bulk and split the costs to save money. It takes out the processing, additives, packaging, and waste. This is also another way to save the planet by recycling containers and bags. You are often able to purchase fresh fish, dried foods and spices and other specifical pescetarian ingredients that are not easy to find in grocery stores.

Sample Pescetarian Diet Meal Plans and Recipes

There are many delicious dishes and excellent pescetarian recipes that are easy to prepare and substitute for when you may have indulged in red meat. For an example, salmon or tuna cakes, lightly grilled served with a salad or with rice and a vegetable will give you plenty of protein and vitamins. Gently cooking fish such as tilapia, which is a delightful and flaky option, is easy to pair with side dishes of your choice.

Blackened Salmon Sandwich Recipe

Pescetarian Diet Recipe - Blackened Salmon SandwichOne Pescetarian recipe which you will prepare it easy is “Blackened Salmon Sandwich”. This recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner.

You Will Need:

  • ½ lb salmon filets
  • 1 French style baguette
  • 1tspn each black peppercorns, white pepper, cayenne pepper, kosher salt
  • 1 of each: garlic clove, tomato, red onion, lettuce, fresh rosemary
  • Remoulade sauce
  • A cast iron skillet (as equipment)

Let’s start with the salmon. For this semi pescetarian diet, you will need a boneless and skinless salmon file. You can use fresh or even frozen salmon because is totally fine.

As bread, you can use a soft French style baguette. Of course, you can use any bread that you like but our recommendation is to use ordinary sandwich bread.

You are going to use a variety of dry spices and just one fresh herb. This herb is rosemary.


Put black peppercorn with some leafs of rosemary (cut it finely) in a small bowl and give it a good mix. After this, add some white pepper, pepper, kosher salt. Now get the garlic clove and cut it in half. Make sure you save the other half for later. Please make sure your salmon is dry and rub one-half of that garlic over your salmon file. If is wet, the other ingredients won’t add here. Now put your black peppercorn and rosemary mix over your salmon file, on both sides. After, add some olive oil to it.

Measure your salmon file and cut your French style baguette to be equal with it. Cut the bread in half, take the other of that garlic and rub it on your bread. Add some olive oil on your bread and rub both food parts together. Cut the tomato in relatively slim slices. Do the same with the red onion by slicing it in thin rings.

Add olive oil to your cast iron skillet and turn the fire on. On medium heat, add the salmon file in your cast iron skillet. Wait 4 minutes and turn it on the other side and cook it for three more minutes.

Now you can assemble your sandwich by adding remolded sauce, onion rings, tomato slices and lettuce leafs on bread. Put also the fried salmon file in middle and here it is, now you have a delicious Blackened Salmon Sandwich. We hope you enjoyed this pescetarian recipe.

Pescetarian Diet Books To Read

pescetarian books to read

Two wonderful pescetarian diet books to add to your library as you take the plunge may be:

  • The Pescetarian Plan: The Vegetarian + Seafood Way to Lose Weight and Love Your Food by Janis Jibrin.
  • Pescetarian Diet: The Ultimate Guide for Understanding Pescetarianism And What You Need to Know by Wade Migan.

Pescetarian Diet And Weight Loss

salmon steak for weight loss
“Dmitry Lobanov/”

If you fry your seafood everyday in vegetable oil, this could lead to health problems and weight gain. Following a healthy diet regimen is still important when you add oil and fats to your food. As a part of healthy eating and especially if you are putting your valuable energy into a new lifestyle choice, you will also want to cut processed food from your meals. Also, it doesn’t make rational sense to take the red meat out of your diet and then replace it with refined sugars. If you decrease these foods that are slowly killing you such as French fries or chips and replace them with prepared fish food and fresh vegetables, then you will experience weight loss.

Besides, following a pescetarian diet plan, exercise is still necessary for overall health benefits for your body. We all know that exercise will lead to additional weight loss results no matter what diet plan you follow. It is important to mention, that when you start a pescetarian diet, you will naturally be thinking in a healthier and more positive way. Exercise will follow the right foods and by adding a good workout to your schedule is only going to help. Some fruits and vegetables may have more natural sugar than others, and this is a better option than to eat processed sugar during exercise.

Counter Arguments

Sometimes pescetarian diets can be very expensive. If you are purchasing more expensive foods, it is likely that you may have to redistribute household purchases. If you go to a fast food restaurant, you can easily see that you can buy a burger for a buck, and salad selections with a piece of salmon may cost twelve dollars. Another negative fact is that it could become monotonous at some point.

Who Should Start The Pescetarian Diet

Pescetarian diet is an option that everyone should consider it for his or her overall health. If you are looking to decrease risks such as cardiovascular and heart disease, diabetes and cancer, this may be the answer to these concerns. If you are looking to increase omega-3 in your diet without the excess costs of supplements, following a pescetarian diet is a good idea.

Indigenous people around the world have been eating fish for centuries with proven health benefits. Modern people have a lot to learn from them, and this diet is a good example to follow them.

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