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How To Get Rid Of Candida – 25 Home Remedies & Advices




how to get rid of candida -25 remedies

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Vaginal candidiasis is defined as an infection caused by fungi. This mycotic vaginal infection is scientifically called Candida. This affection is developed by approximatively 30-60% of women around the world. Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina and is an affection that 60% of women encounter during their lifetime. Vaginitis, usually, has noninfectious causes, but candida’s fungi may cause it. Among the mental and spiritual causes of this condition we mention:

  • An incorrect mentality about men, for example, mentality: sex is something dirty;
  • An aggressive sexual partner;
  • Mental imbalances as sadness, frustrations, and bad relationships;

Causes And Symptoms

The most common form of infectious vaginitis is Candida. The cause of this condition is the destruction of the vaginal flora by the lactic bacilli. This happens in the case of antibiotic use, after chemotherapy, in the case of a weakened immune system, to women suffering from diabetes, during pregnancy, to women under treatment of oral contraceptives.

Another cause that increases the risk of developing candida is using chemical products for vaginal washes.  Because this affection can occur in single women as well, due to the reasons listed above, experts do not consider it a sexually transmitted infection (STD). However, if one of the partners suffers from an infection, during sexual intercourse, the disease will be transmitted to the other partner.

The symptoms of candida include local pain, burning, itching, local burning sensation, pain during sexual intercourse, and not the least, thick, whitish cottage cheese-like vaginal discharges. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that these infections are recurrent. Even if the treatment is followed, if the cause of the disease is not eliminated, candida may reoccur. An untreated partner can be a healthy carrier of the disease and through sexual intercourse, the affection can recur.

15 Natural Remedies And Ways To Fight Candida

For fighting and control this condition, you can read and follow the next useful ways and pieces of advice to get rid of candida:

1. Do Not Use Chemical Or Scented Products For Intimate Hygiene

chemical products - candida

Chemical fragrance can cause irritation in contact with the intimate parts of the body. Scented bath additives contain substances that are amplifying the discomfort. Bath salts and shower gels must be completely avoided. Use a PH neutral soap.

2. Use Cotton Disinfected Underwear & Sterilize the Toilet and Bathtub

cotton underwear for intimate hygiene

Before using the underwear, sterilize it by boiling and ironing it. Also, this procedure applies whenever you purchase new underwear. Wear cotton underwear that allows the skin to breathe. Nylon or synthetic fabric do not present an advantage, avoid these kind of underwear. This way, you may diminish the risk of infection, and hasten the healing process.

For preventing candida, disinfect the toilet and the bathtub daily, using antiseptic products. Wash intimately daily, in the morning and the evening with warm water and soap. Do not share towels. Be aware that this affection can be easily transmitted from mother to daughter by using same towel or toilet, bathtub, without prior disinfection.

3. Drink Fresh Vegetable And Fruit Juice Daily

Carrot Juice for candida

You need 300 ml carrot juice, 100 ml celery juice, 100 ml pretzel juice and one spoon of argil to mix with the vegetable juices. Over time, this vegetable juice may have a healing effect.

4. Reduce Sugar Intake

stop sugar from cookies to fight candida
“Kasia Bialasiewicz/”

Given the fact that sugar facilitates fungi growth, it is advised to avoid using it in alimentation. Women suffering from diabetes, due to the increased glucose level in their blood, are more prone to vaginal infections. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, it is advisable to do a medical examination. An increased level of sugar in the blood reduces the capacity of the immune system to fight candida or other vaginal infections.

5. Foods & Diet To Fight Candida

This vaginal infection is causing forbidden cravings. Therefore, you will need to have an iron will to follow a diet. It is recommended to:

  • Eat green leafed vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach.
  • Consume apples and blackberries. These fruits contain almost no sugar and have antioxidant properties.
  • Eat lean meat and fish.
  • Drink daily 2 l of liquids, preferably water. It helps to detoxify the organism and is fighting candida.
  • Chew 1-2 cloves of garlic every day. It is a natural antibiotic, and it fights fungi. Also garlic strengthens the immune system. Some women choose to insert one slice of a garlic clove into the vagina. Anyway, you may not do it because garlic may sting. Others prefer garlic based creams.

It is recommended to start a diet after the affection, or the itching has ameliorated. It is preferable to follow this diet at least six months after you got infected with this kind of vaginal infection.

6. Vitamin C For Candida

vitamin c for candida

Vitamin C does not cure candida. Also, according to an American study, it can help prevent it. Daily recommended dose is between 50 mg to 500 mg for seven days. You can repeat the treatment for several consecutive months. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best sources of vitamin C. For keeping as much vitamin content, avoid thermal processing as much as possible.

7. Eat Coconut

coconut for candida

Coconut is considered a natural remedy which fights well and naturally candida. It is antifungal, and it has the advantage of not affecting the good bacteria from the organism.  Caprylic acid from coconut oil penetrates rapidly the cellular membrane.

8. Absinthe For Candida

Fresh absinthe wormwood for candida

Although is very bitter and difficult to use orally, absinthe has antifungal proprieties, and you can control vaginal infections with it. Also, Absinthe is a strong anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory plant, it soothes the burning and the itching sensations and eliminates the abnormal discharge. If you wish to make an absinthe mixture for candida, you will need:

  • 6 teaspoons of minced absinthe
  • 2l of water


  • In the beginning, boil the water in a pot.
  • When it starts to seethes, add the minced plant and let it infuse for 20 minutes.
  • After infusion, filter, cool down and use for intravaginal washes.

9. Propolis Tincture

propolis tincture

Another natural remedy recommended against candida, and other vaginal infections is propolis. It is recommended against all fungal infections. It can be administrated as tincture (10 drops in 50 ml of water). Use in the morning or the evening.

10. Aloe Vera Juice

aloe vera juice for candida and yeast infection

The juice from the plant proves to be efficient in treating candida because it has antifungal properties. Our recommendation is to drink the juice, and to use compresses soaked in aloe vera juice. It will soothe the pain, the itching, and the burning and it will restore your comfort. Use compresses at the exterior of the vagina.

11. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil for candida infections

Apply in the vaginal area a tampon soaked in tea tree oil for 30 minutes, in the morning and the evening. Due to its antifungal properties, it will soothe the itching and the burning caused by the Candida albicans.

12. Thyme Oil Or Infusion


12.1. Thyme Oil

Thyme is known in natural medicine as one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal plants. Use Thyme oil in alimentation with honey bee or with a piece of bread. It isn’t soluble, so don’t use it with water or teas. Use 5-8 drops of Thyme oil daily for 14 days. Pause for two weeks and repeat the procedure.

12.2. Thyme Infusion

If you wish to make a thyme infusion for candida vaginal washes, you will need:

  • 6 spoons of the minced thyme
  • 2l of water


  • Start boiling water.
  • When the water seethes, add the three spoons with the plant.
  • Let it infuse for 20 minutes and when it cools down, filter and use for vaginal washes.

Caution: It is advised not to use any thyme if you are suffering from an irritable colon or hypotension, or you are pregnant women.

13. Birthwort Tea

Another tea that will help with the vaginal discharges caused by candida is Birthwort Tea. Because it is considered to be a toxic plant, inedible, by no means, you don’t to drink this tea. Only use it for vaginal douches or external washes and the vaginal itching will disappear. To make a Birthwort tea for candida, you will need:

  • 1 spoon of the plant
  • 1l of water


  • Add one spoon of the plant in one liter of boiling water.
  • Cover and let it infuse for 20 minutes.
  • Filter and when it cools down, use for vaginal douches or external washes.

14. Cinnamon

Cinnamon Sticks for candida

It is proven that Cinnamon has antifungal properties and can help fights candida very well.It is said that you put cinnamon on your toilet paper the fungus which causes it will disappear. To make a cinnamon infusion for candida, you will need:

  • 2 Cinnamon bars
  • 1l of water


Boil water in a pot, add the two crushed Cinnamon bars and boil for 10 minutes. Leave the Cinnamon bars in the water for another 30 minutes to infuse, then filter and use the decoction for vaginal douches.This infusion can also be used for drinking.

15. Echinacea

Echinacea tea

Echinacea is a plant that helps to stimulate the immunity, and it is of great help in healing vaginal infections. You can use it for candida as a homemade tea, tincture, or even capsules. You can purchase echinacea capsules in naturist pharmacies. Administrate daily, for three weeks.

16. Intimate Washes Using Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary

Vaginal douches, using an irrigator, with Thyme, Sage and Rosemary, are an efficient natural remedy against candidiasis. For this intimate washes, it is needed:

  • 1 spoon each Thyme, Sage Rosemary plant
  • 1l of water


Boil water in a pot, when it seethes add the minced plants (thyme, sage, rosemary). Let it infuse for 30 minutes and use the infusion for vaginal douches. The burning and itching sensations will ameliorate.

17. Purple Loosestrife

Purple lythrum infusion

This plant has a great effect against candidiasis and other vaginal infections. For fighting this affection you will need:

  • 10 spoons of purple-loosestrife
  • 500 ml of water


For obtaining the desired infusion for candidiasis, boil the water and add the water when it starts seething. Let it infuse for 5 minutes and filter. Use this infusion along with the irrigator for vaginal washes.

18. Yarrow For Candida

yarrow for candida and yeast infection

18.1. Yarrow Baths

Once or twice per week, take baths for candida using Yarrow. To do this, take 200 g of Yarrow plant, soak in 7l of water for 12 hours. Warm up the whole composition, filter and add in your bath water. Take the bath for 30 minutes. After bathing, do not wipe dry. Wrap yourself in a robe and sit in the bed for one hour.

18.2. Yarrow Sitz Baths

You can take sitz baths only for candida. To do this, mix 200 g of the plant with 2l of water. Boil, let cool down and infuse, filter and pour it into a basin where you can sit on your butt. The burning and itching sensation caused by Candida will disappear. Repeat the procedure for seven days.

18.3. Yarrow Tea

Yarrow tea, although very bitter, is edible. You can prepare a yarrow tea to drink every morning. Add a teaspoon of the plant at 250 ml of water. Let it infuse, filter and drink one sip at a time. It is bitter, but it will help treating the candidiasis.

19. Chamomile For Candida

chamomile tea and infusion for candidas

The chamomile infusion for candidiasis is recommended as sitz baths because it has a soothing, antifungal effect. This tea is recommended for drinking as well. To make this chamomile infusion for candida, you will need:

  • 120g plant, Chamomile flowers
  • 1l of water


  • First boil the water and when it seethes, add the chamomile flowers.
  • Then, let it infuse for 7 minutes and filter.
  • As a result, the obtained tea is good for sitz baths and for drinking.
  • It is advisable to take sitz baths every evening for one week and 2-3 cups per day for drinking 1-2 weeks.

20. Yogurt

homemade yogurt for candida

If you suffer from yeast infections, using yogurt otherwise than orally it is a good idea. Use only natural homemade yogurt.You must apply it in the vaginal area. It has a soothing effect on the inflamed area. You can repeat the procedure twice per day. If you don’t have any yogurt in your fridge, you can buy capsules which contain lactobacillus acidophilus. This “LA” is yogurt’s bacteria which experts claim to stop yeast infections growth.

Caution: Do not apply any yogurt in the vaginal area if you have a bacterial infection and not yeast infection.

21. Baking Soda

baking soda for candidas

Vaginal douches are usually made using an irrigator, purchased from the pharmacy. For candida, if you decide washing using sodium bicarbonate, you will need:

  • 2l of water
  • 2 baking soda teaspoons


Boil the water. When it seethes, cool down. When it is lukewarm, add the baking soda, mix until it dissolves and uses it with the irrigator for vaginal douches.

22. Marigold Flowers

Marigold Flowers Tea for candidas

22.1 Madrigol Flower Infusion

Marigold flowers have an unusual healing action against candida.People use the ligulate flower, without the receptacle.


  • Prepare an infusion using one spoon of flowers at one cup of water.
  • Drink 3-4 cups per day.

22.2 Madrigol Flowers Tea

Furthermore, marigold flowers are very good for local washes. For candida, prepare the madrigol infusion more concentrate, something like a decoction. Therefore, use three teaspoons of this flower at one cup of water. The cheese-like discharge caused by the vaginal Candida will disappear.

23. White Dead Nettle

dead nettle tea for candidas

In popular medicine, dead nettle people essentially apply it as external use. For candida, you can drink the prepared tea too due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

You will need:

500 ml water and one minced plant.


  • Boil the water.
  • When it seethes, add the white nettle plant. Let it infuse for 15 minutes.
  • You must drink 1-2 cups per day.

For vaginal washes, prepare it in the same way. You only need to make it more concentrated. Just add one more two spoons with the plant at 500 ml of water. Use in the evening, before bedtime. It soothes the itching.

24. Wipe The Genitals From Back To Front

Because the intimate area is full of thousands of bacteria, you must correctly eliminate it. Therefore, when using the bathroom for urinating or defecating, it is recommend wiping from the back to the front. Also, before every sexual intercourse, we recommend you and your partner to wash the genital area. This way you will not push microbes inside the vagina.If you do it properly, you will avoid getting candida infection.

25. Walnut Leaves

walnut leaves bath essence for candidas


  • First, soak one full spoon of Walnut Leaves in ½ cold water for 12 hours.
  • Then, after 12 hours, warm the composition, filter and wash the vaginal area with the obtained decoction.
  • This way, you will get rid of the burning sensation. Also, the discharge will disappear in the shortest time.

Prevent Candida & Yeast Infections From Spreading: Advices

Following are some pieces of advice for preventing yeast infections and candida:

  1. Stay away from fruit juices, honey, white bread or pasta because these foods raise the blood sugar levels. Glucose is exactly what Candida “loves to eat”.
  2. Sleep with no underwear for better airflow circulation.
  3. Don’t use hot water to wash your vagina. Also, don’t use soap when you wash it. You will remove the protective properties of your skin.
  4. Don’t drink alcohol because alcohol is promoting the yeast infection to grow.
  5. Avoid to use scented tampons.
  6. Try to urinate after intercourse.

In conclusion, Candidiasis is a fungus that lives in different moist parts of the body. Usually, it causes no issues. Even if you happen to encounter this problem, do not panic. Using the above natural remedies for candida, the itching, the burning, and the white discharge will disappear because you can treat it at home. Also, our recommendation is to use the natural remedies listed above in this article, along with the drug treatment which your doctor prescribed it.

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