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How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor- 40 Home Remedies & Advices




home remedies for vaginal odor

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Vaginal odor refers to any smell that comes from the vagina. It is quite normal for “the little one” to smell slightly. Just think about the first that there is always humidity and not much fresh air in there. However, vagina smells differently in a different period of the month. For instance, when you have your period your vagina will have another kind of smell than in other days of the month. Also, you will be able to notice a change after having sex or when you sweat heavily. The problem appears when the odor becomes intense and may resemble a fishy one.

Vaginal Odor Possible Causes & Symptoms

In most cases, a weird vaginal odor comes together with other symptoms like itching, irritation or burning. If you are encountering one or more of these symptoms together with a nasty smell, you want to discover home remedies to get rid of it, but first, you should know that there may be multiple causes for vaginal odor. To know precisely what is wrong and if you have any condition in your intimate area, you should check out some symptoms because they may vary from person to person.

Bacterial Vaginosis

If you are facing discharge together with a fishy odor and it has a white or gray color it is possible to have bacterial vaginosis. This ailment is sometimes accompanied by a burning sensation when you urinate. You don’t need to worry much because this is not uncommon amongst women. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) doesn’t have a precise cause (or at least one that scientists have discovered). For example, douching your vagina or unprotected sex can make BV occur. It is not a severe condition, but it can increase the number of harmful bacteria thus leading to an infection. If you develop BV, it is possible that you will only face vaginal odor. You may confirm with your doctor if this is your condition and use some of the above home remedies to get rid of vaginal odor.


Trichomoniasis is another ailment that affects your genital area. Trichomoniasis’s nasty smell, green or yellow discharge or pain and burning when urinating are just some bothering symptoms of this condition. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that usually has no symptoms in men. The primary cause is a parasite, and you should treat it right away. You should know that your partner needs to follow the treatment too. This is one reason why safe sex and using a condom is always the best suggestion: it lowers the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection may also bother you with some symptoms that can become annoying. Here is what you may be facing if you have a yeast infection: soreness, white thick discharge which smells like yeast, vaginal odor, itching and a burning sensation when you pee. You may develop yeast infection when you have too much yeast in your vagina. One of the yeast causes is eating certain foods that we talked about earlier in this article. Other than applying local home remedies to get rid of vaginal odor, make changes in your diet too.

Hormonal Changes

If the vaginal odor gets intense and unpleasant and you notice a watery discharge, then your hormones are probably playing with your body. It is most likely that you are at your period or between ovulation and next menstruation. Hormonal changes may lead to a fishy smell that is very unpleasant and hard to ignore.

If you have the right age and depending on your history, hormonal changes may be a sign of another stage in your life: menopause. It is possible that you will have a watery discharge followed by a nasty vaginal odor in this period.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is also a cause of vaginal odor. Make sure you take care of your feminine parts daily to get rid of the smell. Maybe you have a forgotten or retained internal tampon inside your vagina. Either you put a new one before taking the previous one out, or you had sex with the tampon inside, or maybe you’ve just forgotten about it one thing is for certain: you have to remove it. And if you can’t do this by yourself seek professional help. It is critical because it is possible to reach to TSS (toxic shock syndrome). Anyway, if you only notice the odor, but you don’t have any other symptoms it is most probably that there is nothing wrong, and you should pay more attention to intimate hygiene.

You might be tempted to use a vaginal deodorant, but it is not advisable. The chemical substances will only make your ladybird feel worse causing severe irritation. Go for home remedies for vaginal odor; they have a mild action and no side effects.

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor Using Next Useful Home Remedies And Advices

1. Yogurt For Vaginal Odor

yogurt for vaginal odor
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One of the most common home remedies for vaginal odor is right in your fridge. Yogurt contains a lot of healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus, due to the fermentation of milk. This way it can rebalance the pH of vaginal flora and successfully fights against candida infection. A healthy vagina won’t smell nasty.
There are two ways of using yogurt for vaginal odor.

1.1. Just Yogurt

The first one is easy, just give your tunnel of love a bath with yogurt and stay like this for 20-30 minutes. After, rinse well with clean water.

1.2. Yogurt Tampon

You may use this remedy by taking an internal tampon, soak it in yogurt and insert it into your vagina. Keep it for 3-4 hours, and then remove it. Rinse well on the outside, don’t perform any vaginal wash.

2. Vinegar And Salt Or Just Apple Cider Vinegar?

This remedy is well-known for vaginal odor, and you may also find it under the names “hot salt” or “vinegar bath.” You probably know that vinegar is commonly used to clean house surfaces as it removes odors. It can do the same with your vagina. It has antibacterial properties and successfully removes any proteins that may cause the nasty smell. Vinegar also restores the pH and bacteria won’t be able to grow as fast. Salt also have antiseptic properties which will help solve all the possible problems of your vagina.

2.1. Just Vinegar

white vinegar for vaginal odor
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How to use vinegar as a home remedy for vaginal odor? Pour 5 oz. White vinegar and 3 oz. Salt in warm bath water. Soak your vagina for about 20 minutes. If you do this for 3-4 times a week, you will get great results.

2.2. Apple Cider Vinegar For Vaginal Odor

apple cider vinegar for vaginal odor

Apple cider vinegar is very useful as well. Here are top 2 home remedies using apple cider vinegar as vaginal odor killer:

2.3. Bathing With ACV

Use 2 cups for a bathtub half full of water. Take the bath for a few times a week and you will get rid of vaginal odor quickly.

2.4. ACV Tampon

You may soak a tampon or a piece of clean cloth in apple cider vinegar and insert it into the vagina.To do this, you have to mix one tablespoon apple cider vinegar with water and rinse the vagina to kill all the bacteria in there. Let the apple cider vinegar act for at least 30 minutes before removing it

2.5. Drink It

In this case, you may use apple cider vinegar for oral administration. It balances the pH of the entire body, helping to remove all the bacteria in your vagina this way. To take this remedy, you will need 8 oz. water and 1 oz. ACV. Combine these ingredients and drink the mixture every day.

3. Go For Herbal Supplements

herbal supplements for vaginal odor

When you experience vaginal odor, right after you figure out the cause, it would be a good idea to fix things internally as well because this is where most of the ailments start. An herbal supplement can help you get rid of a smelly vagina and will have a mild action so don’t worry about any side effects if you take it according to the instructions.

3.1. Femanol Supplement

There are some supplements (like Femanol) specially created for women problems and vaginal infections. It contains a lot of plants with beneficial effects, like Neem bark and garlic and also compounds that fight against the bacteria: Lactobacillus Acidophilus, zinc, biotin and selenium. This herbal supplement also strengthens the immune system and re-establishes the bacteria balance in the vagina.

3.2. Homemade Herbal Supplement

You may prepare the homemade herbal supplement for vaginal odor by yourself too. There are certain herbs which can balance the vaginal pH and to increase the good bacteria, the normal lactobacilli. To make it you will need equal parts of:

  • Yellow dock root powder
  • Myrrh gum powder
  • Echinacea root powder
  • Comfrey root powder
  • Slippery elm bark powder
  • 2 parts of goldenseal root powder
  • And gelatin capsules

What to do next?

Mix all the powders. Fill the capsules with the mixture. You will need about one teaspoon for each capsule. Take two herbal capsules each day for at least one week.

4. Eat More Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits for vaginal odor

A healthy immune system is paramount to your health. Usually, bacteria and viruses invade a weak body which isn’t capable of fighting against them. Therefore, citrus fruits can help you fight against vaginal odor in an indirect way. The high content of Vitamin C is responsible for boosting the immune system, and your body will be able to combat any bacteria and infection that is causing the vaginal odor. They are also useful in infections of the urinary tract. Eat more lemons, grapefruits, pineapples and oranges to get your Vitamin C daily intake.

5. Garlic For Vaginal Odor

garlic cloves for smelly vagina

You may find this weird: use garlic which doesn’t smell very nice to get rid of another odor. But as you probably know, Garlic is an excellent antibiotic very effective in combating all kinds of infections, even the yeast one. For vaginal odor, garlic can be used either internally or externally.

You can eat garlic every day, and the best way is to ingest it raw to benefit from all its miraculous properties. If you can, eat 1-2 cloves on an empty stomach and drink some water if you need when you finish. Other ways would be to add it to your foods or salads.
For external use, just insert a garlic clove into your vagina and keep it there for minimum 1 hour. Repeat until you get rid of vaginal odor.

6. Tea Tree Oil

how to get rid of vaginal odor with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a remedy known for many years for its anti-fungal properties. People use it as a disinfectant for hands and even house surfaces. If diluted, it will help you get rid of vaginal odor too by eliminating the bacteria that is causing it. Be careful to always dilute the tea tree oil because otherwise, you may get irritations on your skin. There are several ways of taking a tea tree as a home remedy for vaginal odor.

6.1. Tea Tree Oil Solution

For the first method you will need:

  • 1-2 drops tea tree oil
  • 3 oz. water


Combine the tea tree oil with the water and apply the solution to your vagina, washing the area. Repeat every day until the smell is gone.

6.2. Tea Tree Oil Tampon

You may also choose another way to use tea tree oil. Get a tampon soaked with olive oil. Apply one-two drops of tea tree oil and insert the tampon into your vagina. Hold it there for minimum 60 minutes. Repeat two times per week for best results.

7. Add Epsom Salt In Your Sitz Bath

Epson salt has the beautiful property to eliminate the odor caused by bacterial vaginosis. Add some warm water to your sitz bath and throw a tablespoon of Epsom salt in it. Bathe for about 15 minutes every day.

8. Fenugreek For Vaginal Odor

fenugreek seeds for vaginal odor

This plant has extremely beneficial effects for women, helping them balance their hormones and regulate the menstruation when they follow a natural fenugreek remedy.
You may prepare hot or cold tea out of fenugreek seeds.
For the hot fenugreek tea used for vaginal odor you will need:

  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds


Boil the seeds in the water for 5 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink two cups per day.

Caution: if you experience skin irritation, or any other inconvenience (like diarrhea) stop drinking fenugreek tea

9. Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice used as home remedy for vaginal odor

Bacterial vaginosis may be a cause for vaginal odor and a good remedy for it is cranberry juice. If you are sexually active, cranberry might be of great help because it restores the balance of good bacteria in your vagina. It also has a detoxifying effect due to a lot of vitamins and minerals. If the toxins don’t stay in your body too long, it is less probable that you develop a bacterial vaginosis or any other infection. The antioxidants in cranberries fight against bacteria. The compounds called proanthocyanidins don’t let bacteria stick to the cells in our body thus preventing the infections to appear. So you should drink one glass of pure cranberry juice every day.

Be aware of the sugar intake if buying juice from the supermarket. Search for a cranberry juice that contains only natural ingredients and has no sugar added because sugar is a very dear friend to bacterial vaginosis. Any sweets create an acidic environment excellent for bacteria spreading.

10. Use Alum

Alum (also known as aluminum sulfate) is often used to eliminate body odors. When mixed with water it breaks down into small particles which mix with the sweat and kills the bacteria that is producing the bad smell. You will find alum in the form of a stick or as a powder. If you want to utilize the powder, mix a ½ teaspoon in a cup of water and wash the vagina with this mixture.
The alum stick is easier to use. Simply soak it in water and rub the vaginal area just like you would do with your armpit. Use gentle moves and repeat twice a day.

11. Guava Leaves For Vaginal Odor

guava and guava leaves used to get rid of vaginal odor

Just like many other plants, guava leaves have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which make them perfect for treating infections. Guava fruits are also beneficial for women, regulating the menstruation and combating any issues that may appear during that period. To use guava leaves as a natural remedy for the vaginal odor, you should prepare a tea. For this guava leaves tree tea you will need:

  • 9-11 guava leaves
  • 34 oz. water


  • Add the leaves to the water and bring to a boil.
  • Boil until half of the water evaporates.
    Strain the liquid and let it cool.
  • Use the tea to wash your vagina and vaginal area.
  • Repeat the process twice a day for best results

12. Boric Acid For Vaginal Odor

Boric acid is often known as a poison, but it has, in fact, antiseptic properties which are very powerful in treating bacterial vaginosis. So, if used properly, boric acid can become a great remedy for vaginal odor too. The vagina should have an acidic environment but sometimes, due to some factors, it becomes alkaline. Boric acid will restore the balance and bring the pH to an acidic level. You may find boric acid capsules that can be inserted directly into the vagina. Following this home treatment once or twice a week will be enough.

You can prepare this remedy yourself: only put the boric acid powder in empty capsules made out of the gel. You will find the powder at a drug store or pharmacy.

Caution: Be careful not to let the capsules at children’s reach. When ingested boric acid may become life threatening.

13. Neem Leaves For Vaginal Odor

neem leaves used to prepare vaginal odor tea
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Neem is called “the pharmacy tree” in India, and there is a good reason for that. It has so many healing properties that locals didn’t ever need to go to a drug store. It’s anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects are significant in fighting against vaginal odor. To use neem leaves for eliminating vaginal odor you will need:

  • 8-10 neem leaves
  • 1-2 cups water


  • Place the leaves in the water and bring to a boil.
  • Let simmer for 10 minutes, and then strain the liquid.
  • Let it cool and wash the vagina with this mixture.
  • Repeat the process every day for about a week.

14. Turmeric Milk

turmeric and milk used to make turmeric milk for vaginal odor
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Turmeric or Curcuma is a great herb, well known for the fact that it fights against all kinds of bacteria. It also has an antiviral effect, protecting the body in case some viruses come around. Turmeric can be administered internally for vaginal odor and not only. Your whole body will benefit from this remedy. To use turmeric as home remedy for vaginal odor you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1 glass of milk

What to do next?
Slightly heat the milk and add the powder. Stir well and drink. You may drink a glass of turmeric milk every day until the vaginal odor is gone.

15. Baking Soda For Removing Vaginal Odor

baking soda with water used to get rid of vaginal odor
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You probably know by now that baking soda is a highly versatile ingredient. Just like apple cider vinegar, this white powder may be used to gain back the balance of your pH level. Whenever you are facing any symptoms that may suggest a vaginal inconvenience, and you feel the fish smell coming out from your lady flower, use baking soda to treat this.
For internal taking mix two teaspoons of baking soda with a glass of water. Drink the mixture every day until you heal your ailment.

If you don’t want to ingest baking soda, use it in your bath water. Add ½ cup into the tub and soak for 20-30 minutes. This home remedy for vaginal odor will also treat any infection, including the yeast one.

16. Don’t Forget About Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll for vaginal odor

Chlorophyll is the primary source of energy for plants. It is, in fact, their life. So if you ingest chlorophyll, you practically get a lot of nutrients for your body which will make able to fight against any virus and bacteria. But Chlorophyll also acts as a deodorizer for the inside of the body and will help you get rid of vaginal odor. You may eat a lot if leafy greens or use herbal powders like green barley or wheat grass to get this precious nutrient. Combine those with your daily smoothie or with your morning cup of yogurt.

Another way of getting chlorophyll is to go for the liquid form. You will need one tablespoon two times a day. Mix it with a cup of water and drink it. Follow the treatment for at least two weeks to get best results.

Caution: There are some “side” effects when using this remedy for vaginal odor: you may get some black tint on your tongue and also your poop and urine may become greener than usual.

But these are reasonable consequences, and you don’t need to worry about them. The benefits are far more important for your health so you may overlook these minor issues.

17. Make Use Of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

amla juice helping to get rid of vaginal odor
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Amla has a detoxifying effect (it purifies the blood) and also a high amount of Vitamin C. To treat some vaginal infections like Leucorrhoea, which leads to vaginal discharge and odor, you can ingest amla. This remedy will help your body from the inside and will stop your smell from the vagina by keeping the germs away.

17.1. Amla Juice

One way of taking the treatment is to drink amla juice: add honey to taste to 5-6 teaspoons of juice. Drink the mixture twice daily and repeat for a month.

17.2. Amla Powder And Honey

The second method requires you to combine one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of amla powder. Eat the paste twice a day and repeat for at least one month.

18. Get Some Lavender Scent

lavender essential oil for healing smelly vagina

We all know that the exquisite lavender smell can bring a release to many symptoms due to its relaxing effect. But lavender also has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect and can help treat bacterial vaginosis which is often a cause for vaginal odor.

If you are applying lavender essential oil for aromatherapy, add about ten drops to a glass of water and rinse your vagina after taking a bath. When used daily, this home remedy for vaginal odor will become a long-term treatment for any vaginal infection.

19. Green And Black Tea

healing vaginal odor with black and green tea

Together with a lot of antioxidants, green and black teas also have the power of fighting against a smelly vagina. If you want to benefit from it, just prepare tea and use it to rinse your vagina after washing it. The effect is quite quick, and you will see no smell in about seven days if you use this home remedy daily.

20. Go For Cotton Panties

women's cotton panties

You will probably say that cotton panties are not as sexy as silk ones and wearing them will bring down your self-esteem. This is not true at all because the latest trends in fashion are returning to the natural way of living which includes cotton as a prime material. There are many new designs and colors, and they are suitable for any age and taste. No one says you should not ever wear silk again, but keep it for special occasions, especially if you are facing vaginal odor. Cotton panties will keep your vaginal area ventilated and it will be less likely to develop any bad bacteria. On the other hand, silk and any other materials maintain the sweat and traces of urine thus increasing the fishy smell and creating a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria.

Also, keep in mind that you should change your underwear at least twice a day when you are confronting a vaginal infection. Don’t go to work with the panties you used for sleeping. It would be better to have a pair for the night and another one for the day. Another great advice is to wash the underwear on high temperature.

21. Wear Loose Clothing

Loose Clothing for vaginal odor
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Your clothes should be comfortable so that you have a constant airflow. Opposite the other parts of the body, the intimate area can heat faster and keep a high temperature and much moisture. This will certainly lead to the increase of bacteria and vaginal odor. Choose natural fabrics like cotton and avoid the synthetic ones.
To prevent the moisture, don’t keep wet clothes on you longer than necessary. For example, take a shower and change immediately after finishing your workout. This way the vaginal area will stay clean and ventilated and you will get rid of vaginal odor.

22. Don’t Use The Douche To Clean Your Vagina


As you probably already know, you have a lot of healthy bacteria in your vagina which will keep a balance in the pH level. Just like other parts of the body (for example the eyes or ears) the vagina also has a mechanism of cleaning itself. Any interference can lead to an imbalance and maybe some unpleasant ailments. This is why douching is not recommended: you practically push water or some soap into the vagina, and this action might destroy the good bacteria.

Also, if you are already infected it is possible that the infection will be lead to your uterus, and this will only make your symptoms worse or lead to a more severe condition.Vagina sprays are to be avoided as well because they are considered another form of interference in the natural cycling of vaginal cleansing.

23. Get Rid Of Excess Pubic Hair

shaving pubic hair to get rid of vaginal odor

A lot of pubic hair will trap any smelly discharge and keep the smell exactly where you don’t want it to be. Scientists say that in ancient times, especially in the pre-historic era, this odor used to attract mates. But the society evolved, and humans are not as attracted to nasty smells anymore. It would be better then, to use wax or to shave the vaginal area so to eliminate the vaginal odor fast.

24. Stop Using Fragrant Soaps

stop using fragrant soaps to get rid of smelly vagina

Conventional soaps and cleansing agents contain a lot of chemicals which take a harsh action on your skin and especially on the delicate vaginal area. The perfume present in by most of the cleansers destroys the good bacteria from the vagina, and this leads to a possible growth of fungi and other bad organisms. When you start experiencing symptoms like odor or discharge, cease the use of these soaps immediately. In fact, it is advisable to remove them from your bathroom for good. Choose natural soaps instead, made out of butter and oils and chose an unscented intimate cleanser. Even if the essential oils give you the scent, this may be irritating as well.
Every time you shower, wash the vagina with warm water and a mild soap to keep it clean and healthy.

25. Choose Your Laundry Products Carefully

Your genital area not only comes in contact with the soap when you shower but also with the panties which. All people wash their clothes with laundry detergent. Just like you may be allergic to the chemicals from soap the same thing may happen with the ingredients in the laundry wash. It may irritate the area and change the pH level which may lead to an imbalance as we already know. So you must change the detergent and go for a natural cleanser so you will be able to get rid of vaginal odor fast.

26. Prepare A Natural Cleanser

calendula flowers infusion for vaginal odor
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Most of the regular cleansers will have a harmful effect on your vagina because they contain a lot of drying agents. The consequence is that the vaginal flora will get unbalanced, and you will face symptoms like dryness, itchiness, pain, discharge and vaginal odor. These signs tell you that there is something wrong down there, and you should take action.

Stop using your regular cleanser for the intimate area and prepare a natural one instead. You may use herbal infused water to rinse your vagina. Do it on a daily basis. Try green tea, chamomile or calendula flowers and even lavender flowers. Boil the plants, strain the liquid, let it cool down and wash the genital area and your vagina.

27. Don’t Use Hot Water

hot water for vaginal odor
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Hot water is not a good for your skin. It is the same for the vagina. Hot water will destroy any beneficial bacteria which naturally exist in the vaginal area. Decreased number of healthy microorganisms will lead to a pH imbalance and possible infections.
Therefore, try to use only warm water to shower or take a bath.

28. Learn To Wipe Correctly

Even such a simple thing as wiping can help the bad bacteria spread to your vagina. You should learn to wipe from front to back after defecating. And it would be best to do it like this, every time you use the toilet so that the bacteria from your anus don’t get into the vagina.
In fact, one of the most common causes of infection in the vagina is the migration of the micro-organisms from the bottom to the vaginal area. If you want to prevent the disease from spreading and to get rid of vaginal odor, just wipe from front to back.

29. Change Your Tampons More Often


During your period the vaginal odor will become more intense, and this is normal due to the significant amount of discharge. You need to practice a sharp hygiene on your menstruation days so that no infection or irritation will develop in there. Consider changing your tampons every 5-6 hours. Taking this action will be beneficial for two reasons: you don’t risk any blood stains when the tampon can’t hold any more liquid, and no odor will become noticeable because you will remove the possible cause. Changing the tampons more often will prevent you from forgetting one of them into your vagina which again will lead to the development of vaginal odor.

Another thing to consider is the tampons material. Choose cotton ones. Cotton is a suitable material which you can insert it in your vagina instead of the chemicals from the regular tampons.

30. Only Use Pads On Your Period

femminine pads

Pads are very useful when you are having your period, but they might be quite smelly outside of it. Pads will keep the discharge and odor close to your vagina instead of letting them go away. Wearing panty liners and pads can affect the natural pH balance, leading to the development of vaginal odor. When you buy these items, search for the cotton ones and avoid the synthetic materials. The last tend to retain all the moisture, and you will face the foul smell coming back. Scented pads are not good either because they contain a lot of chemical ingredients that should not come into contact with your vagina. So keep the tampons, pads and panty liners in your bag only for the menstruation days and let the air flow in that area on the rest of the month.

31. Keep The Toilet Seat Clean

clean toilet seat

A dirty bathroom can increase the possibility of getting bacteria or germs that will turn into a vaginal infection. Therefore, you should always keep in mind that the surface you are sitting on needs to be clean. Also first get up and then flush the toilet otherwise it is possible that you send all the germs directly to your vagina. When using, public toilets don’t ever sit down because the seats are not always clean. Maybe the person who used the toilet before you may have had a yeast infection, for example. It is better to use toilet paper or a toilet seat cover if available.

32. Clean The Vaginal Area Before And After The Sexual Act

You are probably worried that your partner will notice the vaginal odor that comes from your lady flower. Why missing all the pleasure because of that? The only thing you need to do is to wash the genital area before and after having sex. This way you will also prevent any infection, and you will find no other inconvenience, like being ashamed of your smell. It is also possible that your vagina smells different after a sexual act. This is quite reasonable because your secretions mix with your partner’s and the result is not a regular smell. You only have to wash the intimate area to get rid of that odor.

Also, consider that the vaginal odor may be your partner’s, and you get it from him while having sex. However, it would be great to check for other symptoms to see if nothing else is going on and you don’t have a sexually transmitted disease. Pay attention and try to identify the real cause of the fishy odor because this way, you will know what remedies to take.

33. Avoid Unprotected Sex

avoid unprotected - smelly vagina

Another source of getting an infection or a sexually transmitted disease is unprotected sex. While vaginal odor may seem a minor problem compared to more severe complications, it is still an unpleasant situation, and you will have to deal with it. So, the easiest way of not getting an infection that will lead to a fishy smell is having safe sex. A condom can spare you of further inconveniences.
You should also know that semen may change the pH level inside your vagina, and this will lead to vaginal odor. If you are trying to have a baby, having sex without a condom is the logical thing to do.

However, if you don’t want to get pregnant there are two possible solutions: wear a condom or wash the inside of your vagina to remove the semen after having sex. When the condom is out of the question, ask your partner to clean his penis so that his bacteria don’t transfer into your vagina.

34. Choose The Condom Carefully

When having an active sexual life your vagina comes in contact with a lot of chemicals, such as lubricants, stimulants or the gel from the condom. It is possible that some of these substances will irritate your genital area. If that happens, consider changing the products until you find the one that fits you best to get rid of vaginal odor fast.

35. Use Perfume

perfume to get rid of vaginal odor

If you are planning a special night with your partner and you are worried about an unusual vaginal odor, use some perfume to reduce the smell. In fact, this is what perfume is for, right? A musky flavor is the closest to the natural human scent so go for it. Do not apply the perfume on your vaginal area, but on your inner thigh. Measure 4-5 inches above the knee and place a few drops to smell marvelous for your sex mate. 

36. Vaginal Odor When Pregnant

pregnant woman and vaginal odor

During pregnancy, many women face a changed and unusual vaginal odor. Changes are happening to your entire body because of the hormones, so a new smell in the intimate area shouldn’t worry you too much. However, you need to be careful about your hygiene. The vaginal area should always be clean, and you should not allow too much moisture in there. Change your underwear twice a day and keep it clean, wipe from front to back and avoid using public toilets. Try to prevent any infection from happening because it is possible that infections don’t heal the same during pregnancy.

37. Vaginal Odor When Sweating

vaginal odor when sweating

Our bodies have something called apocrine sweat glands which release a fluid when sweating. It is oily, and it comes in contact with the bacteria from the skin giving an odor you cannot notice. You have these glands in your nipples, nostrils, armpits, eyelids and guess what? Also on the external part of the genital area. It is then extremely possible that you release a nasty smell from that area when sweating. If you wear tight or uncomfortable clothes, the bacteria and sweat will be in direct contact making the smell even worse. So if you need tight clothes for your workouts make sure to shower and change immediately after you finish to get rid of all the odors that may occur.

38. Keep Yourself Hydrated

keep yourself hydrated to get rid of vaginal odor

Drink plenty of fresh water daily. Besides from keeping you hydrated, water will flush out all the toxins from your body, the ones that may create a proper environment for bacteria and viruses.
By drinking more water, you will have a lot of advantages: your skin will look fabulous, you will get rid of headaches (if you are experiencing some), your body will get rid of toxins and eventually your immune system will strengthen. The result will be an improved health and fewer infections, including vaginal ones. And you won’t have to face vaginal odor again.

39. Avoid Certain Foods

Foods that contain a lot of yeast, like bread, beer or mushrooms are not right for you because they increase the yeast quantity from your vagina causing the yeast infection. Other foods are high in sugar which also can cause a vaginal infection.
Eating certain foods may cause your body odor to change, including the vaginal one. These foods make the body release certain unusual smells. Here is what to avoid: alcohol and coffee, garlic and onions, very spicy dishes, red meat or dairy products. These foods change the smell of your body if eaten in large quantities on a daily basis. Try to eliminate one at a time and notice if there is any change in your vaginal odor.

40. Eat Less Meat and Oils

avoid meat,garlic,onion,oil to get rid of vaginal odor

It is known that the vaginal odor changes during your period. Meat (especially the red one) and oils can cause the smell to get stronger, so it is advisable to reduce the quantity you eat. Besides your changing mood and maybe a menstrual pain you wouldn’t want any other inconvenience in your life right now.

Reducing the meat intake is good for your health too. Have only two portions of meat per week and replace the other ones with fish or legumes. And also go for cold pressed oils instead of refined ones to avoid the saturated fats.

Vaginal odor may be very unpleasant, and it is one of the most embarrassing topics. But this doesn’t mean that you should overlook this symptom because, as we previously said, it may be a sign of an infection. Every woman should keep her vagina healthy. It is imperative to your whole life because this way you will benefit from healthy births and healthy children, a smooth and healthy marriage and an overall good health. A nasty vaginal smell can lower your self-esteem drastically and also affect your sex life and your relationship with your partner.

Always check on the symptoms you have and pay attention to anything that is happening to your body. Don’t rush to conventional drugs when you are facing vaginal odor. The home remedies presented above can make your life easier and relieve any discomfort.

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