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15 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Garlic Breath Naturally




15 ways to get rid of garlic breath

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Garlic breath occurs when you simply eat it, of course. Cysteine sulfoxide is giving this odor, a compound that makes the garlic taste so good and smells so bad in some people’s opinion.

Garlic besides its unique health benefits brings an incredible flavor to many dishes. These are some reasons why many people all over the world use it in their foods. Just like its other relatives from the allium family, this good bulb has sulphuric compounds which cause the bad odor. The action is similar to one of an anaerobic bacteria located in your mouth which makes your breath smell nasty.

You should know that garlic influences your breath in two ways. First, it enters your mouth and the sulphuric compounds we talked about earlier stick to your tongue. And you will get garlic breath in two seconds. Second, eating it produces a gas, called allyl methyl sulfide. While you metabolize it, this gas penetrates the blood stream thus reaching to lungs at some point. After that, you exhale it through the pores of your skin. This is the explanation of the fact that you can’t get rid of garlic breath even you have a thorough oral hygiene.

Now, you must understand that garlic breath isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you and if you are with people who also ate garlic, it isn’t even a problem because nobody will feel the bad breath since you all have it.

15 Remedies For Garlic Breath

If you wish to get rid of your ugly smelly garlic breath, here is what you may try.

1. Chew Basil

basil to get rid of garlic breath

Being an aromatic herb, basil can be very effective in getting rid of garlic breath. You can use it as a home remedy. Only eat some basil leaves. The strong flavor will neutralize and cover the nasty odor, and you will also benefit from basil’s pleasant taste.

2. Combine Garlic With Spinach

garlic and spinach for a fresh breath

Polyphenols existent in spinach can break down the sulphuric compounds from garlic removing the bad breath. We are lucky because the combination of these two foods creates a delicious dish.

3. Replace The Bad Odor With A Minty Smell

mint leaves helping to get rid of garlic breath

There are a lot of minty products to choose from. You may start by simply chewing some mint leaves. The strong mint flavor will certainly bring relief.

You can also suck on mint drops or go for chewing gum. All these remedies may be only temporary because once you spit out your gum, it is possible that the foul smell will come back.

4. Go For Aromatic Spices

aromatic spices to get rid of garlic breath
“Olga Krig/”

Mother Earth gave us some spices which act like breath fresheners. Seeds like fennel or anise, cardamom pods, and even cloves have a strong flavor which can cover or neutralize the bad expiration. If you want to get rid of garlic breath, chew some of those immediately after you finish eating your meal. People around you will notice and improvement in the quality of your breath smell.

5. Chew Parsley

parsley for garlic breath

Another useful remedy for garlic breath is parsley. This common herb contains an impressive amount of chlorophyll when it is fresh which also can refresh your breath. Parsley also acts as a detoxifier and helps your body eliminate a lot of toxins. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this plant can remove garlic odor and also any foul smell on your body.

6. The Mustard Way

mustard and turmeric as garlic breath home remedy

Mustard usually contains turmeric which is the next one in the series of plants that can neutralize bad odors.


  • With only one teaspoon of mustard you can solve your problem.
  • Place the mustard into your mouth, but do not swallow.
  • Instead start chewing and rolling and swishing for at least 1 minute.
  • Spit it out, and then pick another  ½ teaspoon.
  • This action will help eliminate the bad breath from the lungs.

7. Refresh With Lemon

garlic breath remedy with lemon
A glass of lemon juice surrounded by whole lemons sliced lemons and squeezed lemon halves on a wooden surface

Considering the fact that it contains a high amount of vitamin C, it has the power to banish any bacteria and eliminate any nasty smell. You may drink freshly squeezed lemon juice right after eating garlic. Another option would be to suck lemon wedges or to chew its peel even it is very bitter.

8. Fresh Apple

apple for garlic breath

Studies show the eating a raw apple after a meal containing Allium sativum may be extremely effective in neutralizing the bad breath. Apples contain polyphenols which can break down the allyl methyl sulfide thus helping you get rid of garlic smell.

9. Drink A Glass Of Milk

get rid of garlic breath with milk

Professor Barringer from Ohio State University conducted a study (source) on foods that can eliminate the bad breath caused by garlic. One of the conclusions was that drinking a glass of milk decreases the presence of its smell by 50%. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? So, drink a glass of milk while you are eating dishes that contain garlic. You may do this after you finish, but it won’t be equally effective.

10. Try Yogurt

home remedy for garlic breath with yogurt

Maybe you won’t be able to drink milk because you can’t digest it properly. A lot of people encounter this problem. Try yogurt instead. Due to its good bacteria, yogurt can kill the harmful bacteria in your mouth going straight to the cause of bad breath. It is also useful in case of garlic breath. Drink 6 ounces per day of yogurt to stop the ugly smelly breath.

11. Prepare A Cup of Green Tea

green tea for garlic breath

Just like apples, green tea also contains polyphenols which can cure the bad breath by decreasing the presence of hydrogen sulfide. Drink a cup of tea after your meal and remove the garlic breath. Some people may want to replace the green tea with a mint infusion which will also work great since it acts as a natural deodorizer.

12. Eat Ice Cream

ice cream for garlic breath

Most people have observed that garlic smell becomes stronger when they eat something hot. Therefore, go for a cold dessert like ice cream or popsicles.

13. Take A Coffee Bean Snack

coffee bean snack for garlic breath

It is well known that coffee has excellent digestive properties, and a cup of coffee can help you metabolize the food. Coffee won’t make the garlic breath disappear. But coffee beans can do that: they can combat the nasty halitosis due to the ingestion of it.

14. Cook It

cooking garlic to get rid of smell
“Vladimir Volodin ©”

Another way to get rid of garlic breath is to cook it. Although you keep its flavor and delicious taste, you won’t exhale the allyl methyl sulfide from your lungs anymore because it loses its powers through cooking. There are plenty recipes which use it, so go for them.

15. Stop Eating It

stop eating garlic
“popaukropa ©”

It is true that garlic is one of the most miraculous plants that ever existed and had a lot of beneficial effects on human health. And it would be a shame to miss from anyone’s diet. However, there are some situations when we don’t need a bad breath coming from our mouth (for example when we go to an interview for a job). The best solution is to stop eating it, at least one day before the great event.

What To Do If You Have A Garlic Breath

In case that your smelly breath doesn’t go away you must also consider to:

1. Carry your toothbrush with you

“captainvector ©”

You must brush your teeth immediately after eating garlic. Doing it, you will remove all the compounds responsible for the odor. Use a minty toothpaste that will also refresh your breath.

2. Use A Tooth Floss

tooth floss
“Lorelyn Medina ©”

It is possible that some garlic particles remain stuck between your teeth. Therefore, use floss and try to cover all the possible areas.

3. Use A Tongue Scraper

tongue scraper
“captainvector ©”

But that won’t be enough because, as we said at the beginning of the article, you may have some tiny garlic pieces or sulphuric compounds stuck on your tongue. Using a tongue scraper is the best solution in this situation. If you only brush your teeth without using this tool, the chances are that the garlic smell comes back after a short period.

4. Don’t Forget About Mouthwash

“wissanustock ©”

Go to your store and purchase an antibacterial mouthwash which will fight against the bacteria in your mouth and will remove the garlic breath. It is always a good idea to swish the liquid around your mouth for at least one minute. This way you will reach even the most hidden places between your teeth, the ones that you cannot be brush or floss them.

A proper oral hygiene will always be of help when we are talking about halitosis. Only if you follow these simple rules, you will maintain a clean environment in your mouth, not leaving room for bacteria and other micro-organisms. Garlic smell intensifies when combined with other bacteria, and it will be harder to get rid of it.

If bad breath persists even when you are not eating garlic and you are keeping your mouth clean, it is possible that you have a cavity which later may produce a toothache. Consult your dentist and ask him to perform a thorough consult and to solve whatever problem you may have.

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