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Home Herpes Revolution by Karren Miller – Review or Buy




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Home Herpes Revolution program is our today’s number one impartial product review. Is advised to download Home Herpes Revolution pdf program only after you looked over our complete product investigation.In the end, if you like this ebook you can buy it too.

This review will explore what this “Home Herpes Revolution” program includes, will offer more information about Karren Miller, developer and author of this guide and will try to create main pros and cons of this program. Ultimately, we’re going to try to provide an impartial decision regarding this “how to get rid of herpes by making use of natural home remedies” guidebook.

Also, we will try to if there is any Home Herpes Revolution discount code available, which of course we will publish it here when we will have it, and we will try to answer some fundamental question that all herpes sufferers are asking:

  • Is Home Herpes Revolution a scam or the information provided in this e-book is helping people as a natural herpes treatment?
  • Treating Herpes by following this program guideline, will stop it?
  • What is herpes and how can be treated?… and much more

This impartial review is a valuable investigation of the product known as “Home Herpes Revolution,” revealed by Karren Miller and must not be confused with other “herpes cure” or treatment programs, like such for example Erase Herpes by Christiane Buehlern .

Let’s quote Home Herpes Revolution official website:” You probably know this, but all the doctors I’ve seen told me that my herpes condition (HSV2) has no permanent cure…And yet, I’ve found a natural remedy, on my own, that’s permanent and can treat any herpes virus in 30 days, and it doesn’t matter if you have HSV1 or HSV2!”

This is a surprising promise for an internet based online manual. The Internet is full of such manuals, several of which have no scientific support and all are rubbish and include no essential insights.

Let’s go further and let’s see some information about the author of this manual.

Karren Miller – Author Of This E-book

Karren Miller is the author and developer of Home Herpes Revolution manual. As she claimed on her official product webpage, she is also an HSV2 suffer who has been infected from her ex-boyfriend when she was 21 years old.

HSV1 and HSV2 treatment or cure latest research information

We have done our research to see if until now there is any effective herpes treatment available at this moment. Latest news indicates the following facts:

There are no herpes vaccines on the market at this moment, and all herpes vaccines in development may reduce virus activity.

Experts all around the world are working intensely to create a reliable HSV vaccine and are choosing various techniques to do so.

Two types of antiviral herpes treatments are available: oral and topical. These treatments include medications like acyclovir, famciclovir, penciclovir and valaciclovir but their success is limited. Studies also show that oral antiviral therapy just decreases the pain and duration of outbreaks.

Alternative therapies also can help people to deal with herpes outbreaks. Scientists have reviewed herbal components and health supplements founded on some herpes sufferers’ statements that “may assist reduce herpes outbreaks signs and much more”. Various study results have been amazing, others discouraging.

Lots of people mention that an extract from the echinacea herb may improve the immune system’s potential to fight against herpes Also they state that may reduce the frequency and intensity of genital herpes outbreaks.

A different study revealed that a cream containing “propolis” may aid herpes sores heal. Cold sores healed quicker for people using the “propolis” cream than in those making use of products containing the antiviral drug acyclovir.

Researchers have additionally discovered that the plant “Prunella Vulgaris”, along with a delicious mushroom, “Rozites Caperata” have chemicals that may treat HSV-1 and HSV-2.

What’s included in this herpes home remedy program? 

Home Herpes RevolutionAs stated on the official web page, inside Home Herpes Revolution, people will find everything they need to know to treat and maintain their infection. This manual also includes a step by step natural treatment that herpes sufferers may follow to treat their condition in 30 days, a treatment which has been researched and tried since 1856.

Potential customers will also:

  • Understand what are the 8 types of herpes viruses.
  • Which are the alternative methods for treating herpes because as stated by Karren Miller she tested everything from diet methods to even olive oil methods.
  • Understand why outbreaks occur, so sufferers can consciously destroy all chances of getting another one.

Home Herpes Revolution – Pros and Cons

Time has come to talk about leading + points of following Home Herpes Revolution manual guidelines:

  • HHR is safe and natural herpes home remedy. Herpes treatments include prescribed medications like acyclovir, famciclovir, penciclovir and valaciclovir. All these herpes treatments may have adverse side effects. As stated even by the author of this program, her doctor prescribed her Acyclovir but after one-week herpes outbreaks appeared again. Furthermore, she encountered side effects like extreme tiredness, dizziness, lower back pain, some hair loss and nausea.
  • The main benefit of the “Home Herpes Revolution” guidebook would be the fact that it’s expected to be a long lasting herpes remedy. In contrast to other treatments, users must pay just one time to follow this strategy. They aren’t required to pay for prescribed medications whenever they have an outbreak.
  • This herpes home remedy program contains step by step on how to follow it and basically, can me easy followed.
  • HHR contains no risky treatments or medications.
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee provided by Karren Miller

Of course, Home Herpes Revolution has its minus points too. These are:

  • You can’t download a free copy of Home Herpes Revolution.
  • The manual is available only in digital format and can be downloaded only from the official website. For individuals wishing to have a hard copy of the handbook, this may be a big issue.
  • Results may vary: depending on the herpes outbreak severity and frequency, people may see positives outcomes within three weeks or more. We are trying to encourage users that they must not stop to follow this program if they don’t see any progress of their condition in the first two or three days.

Is Home Herpes Revolution scam or does it works?

You can find many testimonials on the official website coming from people claiming incredible results. Under, is mentioned one of their feedbacks:


The most important indicator which is demonstrating that this method works will be the 60-day full money back guarantee. “Stop herpes or is entirely free” means that Karren Miller is offering a full refund if individuals will not see an improvement within 60 days from their purchase.

Final Verdict

Buy Home Herpes Revolution only if you wish to be fully informed about your condition, and you are determined to follow step by step this manual. Otherwise, this program isn’t for you.

With that said, if you are sick of negative side effects of prescribed medications and wish a long-lasting and safe herpes remedy then “Home Herpes Revolution” may be a great alternative.

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2 responses to “Home Herpes Revolution by Karren Miller – Review or Buy”

  1. Keisha Avatar

    Hi Karen my name is Keisha I was happy to come across your site..I have been suffering with herpes for 4 years and have stopped dating for the past two years because I am embarrassed to tell a guy of my question is..when I take your herpes revolution I’m i gonna be cure from herpes for life? Will it come back? Can I take a blood test to see if is still in my body?please help

    1. admin Avatar

      Hi Keisha

      Unfortunately, there is no herpes cure. This is not our book, it is a book about how to deal and make easier to live with this condition in your life.

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