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Age Eraser Review – Dermatologist Dr. David Struthers




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Age Eraser is the latest program developed by Dr. David Struthers and in this Age Eraser review, our site will try to analyze Dr. David Struthers’s strategy to look and fell younger. Our review also tries to points out main weak and strong points about this program which created so much excitement on news, social networks, and discussion board websites. Our Age Eraser review we will try to respond to this selected question, “Does Age Eraser work?”

This report is a review of the program titled “Age Eraser,” which is created by David Struthers and people may compare it, but must not be confused with other anti-aging products developed by Maybelline or other companies. Also, this Age Eraser review analyzes every approach of Dr. David Struthers’s method, aims to determine the “pros” and “cons” and provide one last and neutral recommendation, so individuals will know for sure if Dr. David Struther’s strategy fulfills their needs or not.

If we quote the “Age Eraser” website, as stated by Dr. David Struthers will sound like this: “I’m going to show you how a bizarre and ancient two finger massage technique, something that was formerly known only to “Chinese Royalty”, will allow you to rub literally away the wrinkles, the crow’s feet, the dark circles under your eyes and do it without spending any single penny on lotions, creams or cosmetic procedures”.  For an online program, that is an impressive hope.To watch Age Eraser’s movie presentation follow bellow link:


Who is Dr. David Struthers, the author of “Age Eraser”?

Dr.DSAs mentioned on his website, Davis Struthers developer and publisher of Age Eraser, is a licensed dermatologist who operated a practice in Los Angeles County for the last 30 years. He has the appropriate abilities and license to develop this kind of products because all his life he was developing cutting edge anti-aging methods. 

Manuals included in Dr. David Struthers’s strategy

In the beginning, Age Eraser main manual is covering particular elements of anti-aging theories.  Starting with the importance of self-esteem and also, the need to look good, and ending with a review of other treatment options. age-eraserThis manual also tries to point out main disadvantages of “other treatment options”:

– making use of plastic surgery to look younger and why plastic surgery is:

  • risky to some people;
  • there is always potential for wrinkles to come about after a while;
  • the cost of plastic surgery is a big disadvantage;

– making use of Botox injections to look younger because Dr. David Stuthers is pointing out that:

  • botox assists in killing off many of the muscle fibers that can cause wrinkles to develop;
  • results of Botox can wear out over time;
  • injection area might suffer from problems relating to bleeding or bruising;
  • there are always going to be risks involved with how botox material is mixed and prepared;

-using collagen injections may also be a disadvantage because:

  • injections can cause irritation;
  • it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get an injection;
  • collagen fillers can break down just like real collagen can, thus causing wrinkles after a while;
  • some people might be allergic to some ingredients used in these fillers;
  • some people might need multiple fillers that are prepared over a series of weeks or months to get the best results;
  • some of the fillers may not even come from human sources;
  • there are even fillers that come from cadavers;

– using skin creams, as stated by Dr. David Stuthers it has it cons because:

  • many of these creams may be unhealthy;
  • can be hard to apply;
  • the costs of different skin creams can be a real problem over time

Besides all these disadvantages that come with usually known anti-aging methods, the main program of Age Eraser program focuses on unknown Chinese facial massage techniques and their benefits. Main Age Eraser program consists of main manual and massage and stimulation techniques video showing different facial massage techniques for a double purpose:

  • reduce the effects of aging and making the wrinkles vanish in a matter of 14 days
  • stimulate the body to cleanse making people healthier.

People will be amazed at how many different parts of their face will link up to their body. Age Eraser is not only about the benefits of using Chinese facial massage techniques, is about helping people to improve their body and to make it healthy. Now let’s look how people may benefit from Age Eraser program.

How does Age Eraser Work

As mentioned earlier, this e-book and video are helping you to get your face to look its best. However, it is about more than just this one thing. It is also about helping you to improve your body and to make it healthy. All Age Eraser manual is a comprehensive anti-aging e-book, but we will try to limit our Age Eraser review on main target points of this program.


This picture shows that many places around your body can feel healthy after a massage. Is in some way similar to the reflexology practice. This image shows the different locations on the face are related to various parts of people’s body.

So, what is this program supposed to do for you?

Well, this program will help people:

  • Soften tight muscle tissues around their face. Will keep wrinkles from being prominent on your face. Tight muscles are what cause wrinkles to develop in the first place.
  • Blood will be able to flow to body’s tissues with ease. It allows users to feel refreshed, as the circulation around their body will be improved.
  • Any problems that relate to inflammation in users skin will also be relieved. It allows toxins to be removed from all spots in the body. This is thanks to the lymphatic pathways opening up, thus allowing all those excess toxins that readers have built up to be cleared out and easier to treat as needed.

These are just three topics covered by Age Eraser manual.

Age Eraser focuses on different Chinese facial massage techniques. These methods are described in their video. A little sneak peek of Age Eraser Video which users can find in main product is showed in the below picture:

Age Eraser Sneak Peek

Forehead and frown lines are linked with the small intestine and liver. Forehead lines are connected with the bladder. Age Eraser manual and video will help users to discover how to make a proper massage for every facial area.

Age Eraser Pros and Cons

Time has come to see Pros and cons of Age Eraser Program. Let’s see the main advantages of following this manual and video:

  • Age Eraser Program will teach people how naturally, in simple massage steps, they can remove wrinkles, crow’s feet or bags under the eyes;
  • It will show people how to eliminate unhealthy toxins from body and how to cleanse the lymph system;
  • The home based therapy found in this e-book and video will improve the facial blood circulation helping the skin to look younger and healthier;
  • Chinese massage techniques described in Age Eraser e-book will make a gently change inside the muscle rigidity and will revive facial muscles flexibility to eliminate wrinkles permanently;
  • Age Eraser program it is scientifically proven and tested strategy which is offering step by step indications on how to do proper face massages.
  • Inside Age Eraser program people will find the cheapest, quickest, and safest way to young desired skin, increased health and vitality;
  • It helps people to save your money and time, no need to pay for other anti-aging product;
  • Age Eraser strategy is describing very safe facial massage methods;

Let’s see weak points of Age Eraser program:

  • is available in pdf and video format, basically is available only in digital format and users can’t have a hard copy of this product

Does “Age Eraser” by Dr. David Struthers work?

People can find lots of testimonials on the official website from people showing how they looked before and after. Following are some testimonials from people who already followed this program:

John Ochoa George Reed

Jason Hogan

Based on these testimonials, because as stated by official page more than 302000 men and women across the world have already discovered these massage techniques and following next youtube presentation movie, we can say that this program is working.

Age Eraser: Final Verdict

Mainly because Age Eraser is quickly down-loadable and also has a long-term guarantee is excellent to be in same the line with what Dr. David Struthers exclaim, we recommend that anyone may test “Age Eraser” because they have absolutely nothing to lose. Everyone can try this facial massage program and if is not entirely satisfied,  they may get in touch with customer care team to ask for a refund because Age Eraser comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

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