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Bodyweight Workout Videos and Ebooks


Bodyweight workout videos and e-books contain next programs:

Bodyweight Tabata Finishers by Mike Whitfield


  • Ten short & intense workouts to increase metabolism
  • Burn fat with exercises you can do anywhere
  • Full training library of intense bodyweight exercises
  • Valued at $29

Beastmode Bodyweight 4 Week Program for Fighters by Funk Roberts


  • Workouts used by professional fighters
  • 4-week intense program to help you build muscle
  • Improve core strength using specialized circuits
  • Valued at $27

Boxing Bodyweight Program by Chad Howse


  • Drastically increase strength using boxing workouts
  • Circuit style training to condition you like a pro
  • Easy to follow workout plan, so you succeed like a champ
  • Valued at $19.95

36 Fitness Bootcamp Theme Workouts by Georgette Pann


  • 36 Fitness Bootcamp Theme Workouts
  • Step-by-step exercise descriptions
  • The ultimate strength workout guide
  • Valued at $19.95

Bodyweight Accelerators 2.0 by Kate Vidulich


  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced bodyweight workouts
  • Full library of bodyweight exercises
  • Guide to common bodyweight exercise mistakes
  • Valued at $29.95

Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide by Nia Shanks


  • Build the body you want while having fun
  • No nonsense bodyweight-based strength training program
  • Boost self-confidence and discover your real potential
  • Valued at $19.99

Home Kickboxing Revolution by Daniel Woodrum


  • Powerful kickboxing circuits to build strength and conditioning
  • Drop body fat with high intense workouts
  • Release stress, boost confidence & become a calorie burning machine
  • Valued at $27

Sprint Your Way Fit by Dennis Heenan


  • Transform your body using sprint workouts
  • Learn seven sprint training routines for dropping body fat
  • Detailed pictures & descriptions for all exercises
  • Valued at $27

Primal Blueprint Fitness by Mark Sisson


  • Develop functional strength
  • Obtain optimal vitality & longevity
  • Learn how humans were meant to move
  • Valued at $19.95

21 Core Bodyweight Pilates Exercises by Sylvia Favela


  • Learn how to tighten your midsection using unique Pilates exercises
  • Done-for-you workout plans for a slimmer and sexier physique
  • 21 Simple-to-learn yet challenging exercises
  • Valued at $27

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