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Bodyweight Play And Tricks Ebooks


Bodyweight play and tricks e-books contain next programs:

Secrets of the Handstand by Logan Christopher


  • Simple, progressive tutorial to guide you to the handstand
  • Handstand drills to improve strength incrementally
  • Balance exercises to accelerate your handstand ability
  • Valued at $67

In Home Parkour Fitness by the Tapp Brothers


  • 40 full length 30-40 minute parkour workouts
  • 24/7 mobile access to daily workouts
  • Get lean & learn parkour at the same time
  • Valued at $57

Warrior Spirit Fitness: Guide to Play by Khaled Allen


  • Get fit using playful movement
  • Learn simple nutrition strategies to drop body fat
  • Break out of plateau through new ways of exercising
  • Valued at $40

Essential Parkour Techniques by Sean Rogers


  • Build strength and muscle by using the outdoor gym
  • Challenge your body through whole-body movements
  • 81 pages to get you started in parkour fitness
  • Valued at $37

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