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Bodyweight muscle strength and building e-books


Bodyweight muscle strength and building e-books contain next e-books:

Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0 by Craig Ballantyne


  • Short 30 min workouts you can do anywhere
  • Bodyweight exercise system for building muscle quickly
  • Professional photos & descriptions
  • Valued at $29.95

 Bodyweight Overload by Todd Kuslikis


  • 6-week muscle building method without weights
  • Master advanced moves like pistols, uneven pull ups and more
  • Meal plans to help you lose fat while adding muscle
  • Valued at $19.95

Bodyweight Strong by Forest Vance


  • Ultimate progressive overload muscle building plan
  • Increase strength at an accelerated rate
  • 12 weeks muscle growth system
  • Valued at $19.95

 The Best Bodyweight Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of by Nick Nilsson


  • 358 pages of unheard of bodyweight exercises
  • Never get bored making the same moves
  • Quality pictures & descriptions of each exercise
  • Valued at $29.95

Bodyweight Mayhem by Benjamin Teal


  • Shed fat with short 4-minute body-weight workouts
  • Perfect for travel or busy schedules
  • Learn how to increase metabolism through exercises
  • Valued at $29.95

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock


  • Intense & effective bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere
  • Follow-along videos for motivation and success
  • Develop power and strength without the use of weights
  • Valued at $47

Project: Mobile & Hostile by Travis Stoetzel


  • Build the explosive power of an athlete
  • Increase agility through sports conditioning & circuits
  • Hack fat & gain muscle leanness
  • Valued at $39

The Pull Up Push Up Challenge by Shawna Kaminski


  • Learn a step-by-step method for getting your first pull-up
  • Beginner through advanced workouts to drastically increase strength
  • How to master the push-up and pull-up for physique transformation
  • valued at $19.95

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