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Unlock Your Hip Flexors – A real joint and back pain relief?




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Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a new stop joint and back pain, weight loss and fitness program. This program was released in October 2015 and is developed by Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal. We advise you to buy, download and follow this system’s pdf and video series only after you read our in-depth Unlock Your Hip Flexor review.

The developers of this program claim that you will find the survival muscle which was kept hidden from you. They try to tell you that this “miraculous muscle” will help you lose weight, eliminate back and joint pain, anxiety, etc. The magic formula will do incredible “things” on people’s body and in their lives. These amazing claims from the developers of this program may be inaccurate. We will try to find out.

Who Created This Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

The first person involved in the development of this back pain relief program is Rick Kaselj. We have done some research and found that he lives at this moment in Vancouver (British Columbia) and studied kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. He claims that his specialty is to design program for people recovering from injuries. We dug deeper and found an old article from Simon Fraser University( the year 2009). In that article, we can see that all these facts about him are real. It means that all the information about him is real, and he is a Registered Kinesiologist and ACE Certified personal trainer.

Mike Westerdal, the 2nd person involved in this project lives in Clearwater Florida, and he is the owner of a weight lifting publication known as From our point of view Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal made this team because they need it to release an online program. Rick came with his experience in this field, and Mike came with the marketing solution. All in one they both have expertise in this field and are qualified to make this kind of products.

What is Unlock Your Hip Flexors all about?

Unlock Your Hip FlexorsThis isn’t a standard exercise program that you can find everywhere. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is more like a program where you coach yourself thru exercise and other methods to get rid of all the health issues in which tight hip flexors are the cause. Is very easy and simple to be followed, this is the main difference between this program and others like it. Just do the ten routines daily. In the end, people will find a joint and back pain relief by training daily their psoas muscle.

How Does Unlock Your Hip Flexors Works?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors comes in the form of an online program. It means that you pay $50 ( or other price depending if the author has some promotions at that moment) and by following the instructions, you will have access to the main pdf manual and that ten video series workouts.

Some of the main manual’s most critical lessons are:

– Learn about the anatomy and biomechanics of the hip flexors.

– Discover some interesting insights about the connection between psoas and human survival aptitudes. Also, you will know psoas’s effects on emotions and energy.

–  Learn why sitting too much is killing vitality and sex life

– Learn why you must pay attention every day to most powerful muscles from humans body

– Find the connection between tight hips and fat storage and how a tight psoas can make you fat over time. Also, learn some easy steps how you may improve this issue.

– Understand why static stretching isn’t the answer because knowing how to fix the hip flexors is a new challenge. In this chapter, the authors cover all the insights about static versus dynamic stretching.

– Beside all these lessons you will also learn how to get rid of constipation, anxiety, circulatory issues and loss of sexual performance

One critical question is: Do you need a gym subscription to follow “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” program?

Short answer: NO! All exercises don’t need any specialized fitness equipment. Just put running sneakers and some sport clothes on and you can start making all these exercises at home.

What Complete Program Contains?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors E-book.

The main E-book contains 70 pages with in-depth information regarding all critical lessons described above.

Video Lessons

You will have video lessons for both main product and, for the 1st bonus of it. All video lessons are split up into two parts, coaching and “follow alone parts”.

Bonus#1: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings

Within “Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings” bonus you get some great info about 3-dimensional core stability exercises, eccentric training, dynamic and static stretching, isometric strengthening and muscle activation exercises.

In the pdf and video versions of this book, you will have examples on how to do the next exercises: knee to chest walk, heel to seat walk, pelvic rolls, single leg balance windmill touches, leg in the air hamstring and so on.

Bonus#2: 5 Foods That Fight Internal Inflammation

This Unlock, your hip flexors bonus is written and developed by Joel Marion & Josh Bezoni. Rick Kaselj teamed up with these two nutritionists to be able to offer this E-book for free. Inside this E-book you will learn:

  • Five foods which may reduce internal inflammation
  • One oil and fish which you must never use it when you cook food
  • One internal inflammation trick which can be utilized daily in 90 seconds

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scientific and Research Information

We have done some research to see what are the links between psoas and hip or other pain. One informative article comes from Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia. From this article you will learn:

  • What is psoas muscle and its functions
  • Which are the most frequent pains caused by psoas and what keeps it in contraction
  • One psoas stretch

The second article is about a more in-depth research. This study is shown in this article from National Center for Biotechnology Information. This research subject is a 43 years old woman who followed a treatment almost the same as the one Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. At the end of her program, her pain was completely gone.These study claims are that she still feel some clicking in the hips which doesn’t cause any pain.

Now it is time to answer this simple question. Is it Unlock Your Hip Flexors a scam or works? This reply you can give it by yourself based on your judgment. From our point of view, these two articles presented above, and also Rick’s Kaselj experience in this field indicates that this program is legit and is “a must” to read and follow.

Anyway, it is advised to start making Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises only after you consult a doctor. Many of us may have health issues that we don’t know about them, and maybe our doctor will tell that we can’t follow this program.

How To Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors

You can purchase Unlock Your Hip Flexors from its official web page at After you press “Buy Now” button you will be redirected to processing order page. Clickbank makes all orders. It is the only way that you can get a 60 days money back guarantee.

Why is so great this 60 days refund timeframe? The answer is simple. You can buy the program, read it and follow its video instructions. Of course, you will see if the pain is gone or not. If you didn’t see any improvement and you still have back pain or other pain which this program claims to calm it down, you can simply head back to CB and get a full refund, no questions asked. For this to happen, keep the email and order number safe.


  • Well described step by step videos. We all miss this fact in all exercise magazines or books that we read. All videos include very well detailed warm-up and in-depth instructions on how to make them right
  • Full set of daily exercises can be done in maximum 10 minutes.
  • You don’t need any expensive equipment
  • Good explanation about all pains caused by psoas
  • 60 day refund period


  • Electronic format -Main Unlock Your Hip Flexors manual comes in pdf format, and this may be a significant disadvantage for some people
  • Lack of nutritional information
  • You must be dedicated and follow its instructions step by step

Bottom Line: Who should read and follow Unlock Your Hip Flexors System

Main Unlock Your Hip Flexors targets are people with back and joint pain. The second target is people searching to boost their immune system, sexual function, energy levels and athletic performance. We can say that this program is for everyone wishing to do some exercises supervised by an expert in this field.

Questions And Experience?

Do you have any questions regarding Unlock Your Hip Flexors program? If yes, leave your question in the comments field below, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible and as good as we can.

Do you already follow this exercise plan? Share the experience with us and others in the same comments field.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Upgrades

We didn’t want to include this upgrades section in the main program review because these upgrades are optional. If you wish to read and follow more than the main program, you can upgrade it with the next E-books and videos series. Pay attention because you can upgrade this program only when you try to purchase it the first time.You don’t have a second chance.

Upgrade#1 Fix my shoulder, neck, knee and foot pain.

Included in “Fix my shoulder, neck, knee, and foot pain” are four separate E-books and video series

This upgrade comes with the next bonuses:

  • Indestructible Shoulders, Knees and Back (3 E-books)
  • Video guide to pain-free bench pressing, squatting and deadlifting

Unlock Yor Hip Flexors Upgrade 1

Upgrade#2 Armor Plated Core

This upgrade is made from 3 components:

  • “Indestructible Back” E-book and video
  • “Lower Back Lifestyle Audit” video series
  • “Crunches Abs” E-book and video series

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Upgrade 2

Upgrade#4 The Top 101 Super Foods that Fight Aging

In the last Unlock Your Hip Flexors upgrade you will discover 101 foods, spices, and nutrients which will help you to fight joints pain, prevent diabetes normalize digestion and other natural remedies.

Here it ends our upgrades description and also our full Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review. We hoped you enjoyed it, and we are waiting for you on our next one.

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4 responses to “Unlock Your Hip Flexors – A real joint and back pain relief?”

  1. Jordan Avatar

    The focus on flexibility is sure to make a different in pain levels. I’d be willing to try it out for my back pain with a little more research. The PDF format is definitely a downside for me though, its really not the most convenient format and is really just the cheapest option which makes me question the legitimacy.

  2. John Fields Avatar
    John Fields

    As a gym owner and personal trainer, I’m always in search of the latest techniques and exercises to help my members and clients with strength and overall body function. And I think this unlock your hip flexors program looks very promising. Will try this one very soon when our clients will see back pains or neck pains after workouts!

  3. Alicia T Avatar
    Alicia T

    Wow! This is my 1st time hearing of this program and it just makes me say wow. To be completely honest after reading the title of the article all I could think about was Yoga. I was seriously wondering if someone found a way to re-market yoga to the free world lol. Then after I read this workout must be done with “special music” I was turned completely off because yes, somebody was trying to re-market yoga with a soundtrack to healing. I wouldn’t but the disc because I enjoy going to yoga class instead of sitting at home in front of a tv listening to “special yoga music”. I wouldn’t waste money on this project but that’s just me.

  4. dfalkenhagen80 Avatar

    I always thought my lower back pain was from my sway back (where my spine connects at a slight angle to my pelvis) but when I started at the gym I noticed my muscles were SUPER tight. Especially in the legs – the stretches my PT did for my hamstrings and calves almost made me cry when it was barely even stretched. My online research led me here because I do have a suspicion that a lot of my lower back weakness could be attributed to muscles that aren’t relaxed or stretched enough. I know that I will consult a doctor first and not just trust the gym trainer but from what you mentioned here it seems like the program could help. It would be pretty easy to add some of the techniques to my new, regular workout. Has anyone else had a similar experience that they could share?

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