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Sexual QiGong also known as iron crotch qigong or man deer exercises is a new e-book, pdf version. It’s author who claims that his program will help men to fight against their erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or other bedroom issues. In the end, its author says that all these issues will disappear, and you will leave a happy life with a normal sexual life.

It is advised to buy and download Sexual QiGong Program and follow these qigong techniques which may lead being in bed the “bull you ever dreamed” after you read our review. Here is our Sexual QiGong review.

What this Sexual QiGong Program Review tries to accomplish?

In this Sexual QiGong Program review we aim:

  • To provide people with more information about the author of this e-book;
  • Because we bought the e-book and read it, we will let others know what contains;
  • Will try to see main pros and cons of these male deer exercises;
  • We will let people how to buy and if there is a discount code for Sexual Qigong;
  • In the end, we will try to give an unbiased verdict;

Not least we will try to answer the next questions:

  1. Will this e-book help me to get rid of all my bedroom issues?
  2. Does Sexual Qigong program work?

Who Made Sexual QiGong Program?

Sexual QiGong is made by a guy who calls himself Ben Johnson. This guy claims that his wife began to cheat him because he had erectile dysfunction problems. He also states that he followed an electrical engineering college, got married to a woman Barbara. At this moment, he is 51 years old and lives in Virginia near Washington DC.

Ben Johnson says that he found all these qigong exercise secrets during his family trip to Bankok Thailand.  After visiting a Buddhist monk monastery near Bankok and after talking to one of its monks, it was recommended by that person to follow a program named sexual qigong. This program showed him how Ren and Du’s channels work and how all these strange energies helped him to resolve his bedroom issues.

We have done some online research to find more information regarding these 2 channels. We found that are called Ren and Du meridians, and published a more in-depth article regarding sexual qigong exercises This article covers some insights about how to guide your energy and what exercises are needed to be done for best results.

Also on the second phase of our research, we tried to find more information about Ben Johnson, developer and author if this program. The only information about him was it is posted on his official website. There he states that his name is a pseudonym, and he does not want to reveal his real name due to personal reasons.

What is Sexual QiGong Program?

Sexual QiGongSexual QiGong Program is an e-book containing more than 80 pages which is sold online for different prices varying from $49 to $59. Inside this e-book people will:

  • As an introduction, Ben is presenting the story of Joshua, a program ex-follower.He is describing how this e-book changed his life.
  • In the next chapter, Ben is writing down his story about same problems.Following the same idea from introduction chapter, he is describing why sexual qigong is the best program to follow if you have erectile dysfunction issues. We can quote only one sentence from this book “And then the worm turned on” because it put a little smile on our face.
  • After reading Ben’s story, people will find everything that is needed to know about QiGong and how to welcome sexual QiGong in your life. He is discussing some facts about the penis, perineum, sex muscles, sexual energy, the front and back channels, people’s arousal, connection between sex and spirituality, etc.
  • In the getting started chapter you will discover all that is needed to start these exercises. People will learn breathing basics, how to do proper belly breathing and which are the best hours of the day to perform sexual QiGong.
  • In the most important chapter of his e-book, Ben is describing step by step all Sexual QiGong Exercises that he used and how to do them the right way. Due to copyright issues, we can’t say which are or how to do them.
  • In the next chapter, he is recommending a list of ingredients, vegetables, fruits, herbs, vitamins and other foods. By eating all these foods, he states that are good for ED or premature ejaculation and overall health.
  • In the last chapter oh this e-book Ben Johnson is giving his last tips for a healthy and happy life.
  • As a bonus, people will find inside this e-book some interesting sexual qigong infographics.

Pros and Cons of Sexual QiGong Program

We will not say any pros because we do believe that people are interested only in minus points. Cons are:

  • There is no hard copy available to be shipped to you.
  • There are no videos on how to make the exercises available, only infographics; -the author may release videos on how to make these deer exercises, but we believe he that will involve extra costs for both, author and customer.
  • Exercises may be dangerous for people of 50+ age old –it is advised to consult your doctor.

How to Buy Sexual QiGong Program

After paying the listed price, you will receive your order details and how to download this e-book in their e-mail. This means that you can transfer the downloaded pdf to any other device (e-reader, tablet, smartphone) or even print it to have a somehow “hard copy”.

All Sexual QiGong Program purchases are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. What does this mean? It means that if you don’t like what is included inside, at any time during the time-frame of 2 months from your purchase, you can go back to author’s site or payment processors site’s ( the websites thru which you made the payment and are listed on your order details).Then request a full refund to get every penny back.

People can pay for this e-book using all major credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and so on.

When we tried to find a QiGong program coupon code online, we failed. But we find something interesting which will give you a huge discount. Just go to the official webpage. When you see movie presentation “click x or back button ”then press stay on the page. Now you will see the transcript of the video presentation. Click “x or back” again and remain on this page. Now you will see a web page in which you may buy Sexual QuinGong for $39. If you didn’t understand our explanation, this guy on youtube might explain it better.

Conclusion: Should you use Sexual QiGong Program?

Yes, Sexual QiGong e-book will teach you how to eat the right foods and perform the right exercises to target “a better sexual life”. But it won’t help you instantly “to cure” erectile dysfunction overnight. From our point of view, it even may not cure it at all because we don’t believe in monks or other Taoism legends.

We enjoyed reading this e-book. Joshua and Ben’s stories were the most interesting parts of this program. We didn’t apply any of the exercises or eat any foods described inside because we don’t have ed issues. From our point of view if you wish to buy, download and follow Sexual QiGong Program just buy, download and read it. But if you want to follow its guidelines it is advice to talk to your healthcare professional first. For those interested in the official website, below you may find a link to it.

Your Experience after following Sexual QiGong program is positive or negative?

Did you bought and followed this program? Did you see any improvement in your sexual life? You are invited to share your experience with other people who may be interested to follow this program.

Thank you for taking your time and read our Sexual Qigong review and we hope that we gave or you may find the answer you were looking for.

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